Wednesday, December 16, 2009

TI's Headed Home. Well, Wasn't That Quick?!?

We all know the gubb'ment hates cRappers and wants to see their considerable influence on suburban white kids urban America curbed. Thus, they lock brothers up on some ole' bullshit, like carrying a military grade stockpile of guns in a CVS parking lot, or even trivial sh*t like probation violations. MLK is crying inside.

Too many of our future leaders are being framed by the criminal justice system. Lil' Wayne is headed up soon. Lil' Boosie's already there. C-Murder too. They threw Mystikal's key away.

Where Is Obama?!?!

Thankfully, after barely spending one season in the clink, everyone's favorite tRapper is coming home just in time for Christmas. BTW, I read this on, so it must be the troof.
According to a well-placed source, rapper T.I., who is serving a 12 month and a day bid on gun possession charges, will be released to an Atlanta halfway house to serve out the remainder of his sentence before the New Year. T.I. is expected to come home from an Arkansas prison sometime before Christmas — either the 20th or the 23rd.

“If all goes well, T.I. will be spending Christmas with his kids,” said the source who asked to remain anonymous. A flurry of activity at Grand Hustle in recent days signals the fact that T.I. is indeed coming home next week. Already, club promoters in the city who have received advanced word of T.I.’s homecoming are putting in their dibs for parties and concerts featuring the rubber band man.

“He won’t be able to do parties or concerts until all this is over,” said the source. The insider added that T.I.’s distant family members are already gathering at his impressive mansion in Jonesboro for the holidays. The source also said T.I. has made up with his sister Precious and she’s back in his good graces as nanny to the kids.

This is good news to the legions of fans of the wordsmith widely considered the best rapper of his generation.

T.I. is expected to be released to the halfway house before his scheduled May 26 release date — maybe in February or March 2010. Unlike the strict prison rules that T.I. must now adhere to, the halfway house rules will be more relaxed.
Is this a wonderful country (provided you can afford great Jewish lawyers, and are willing to sing like a bird in exchange for a lighter sentence) or what?!?

Question: Are there double standards in the judicial system for black men with money and fame vs black men without?

T.I. To Be Released To Halfway House Before Christmas []

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