Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Separated At Birth?!? - Judge Toler and Crisette Michelle?!?

One is a lawyer who plays a judge on TV, but will never shake the memory of the woman she replaced, Judge Mablean. The other is an ultratalented, classically trained R&B singer who will never break big, simply cause she isn't marketed well enough.[1] But am I the only one who's noticed the striking resemblance between Judge Lynn Toler and crooner Chrisette Michelle?!?

Question: Are Judge Lynn Toler and Chrisette Michelle 3rd cousins twice removed? Who do you like more, Toler or Mablean?!?

[1] And by "marketed", I basically mean that she doesn't have the "look" that makes a successful R&B artist. Face it, talent is one thing, but reality is, black women buy R&B records, and if black women don't want to "be you", your R&B record is not going to sell. I think she's a nice looking woman, but I doubt many women look at her and say "I wanna be like Crisette Michelle". As dubious a talent as some might want to tag folks like Beyonce and Mary J. Blige, they have their followers who like them on a level that far surpasses their simple ability to sang. And thus, they'll move units while Chrisette Michelle, who is arguably a more talented singer than both of them combined, will just pray for a spot on the Centric Top 20 Countdown. This is sad, but this is true. I should be an A&R, I swear.

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