Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ouch. Part II.

Given the number of posts I've dedicated to his demise, I'm sure some of ya'll think I have it in for Allen Iverson. I do not. I've never been a fan, but I don't dislike the guy for any reason. I ran into him once on U. Street here in DC during his rookie season, and he was a really cool, approachable dude. I wish him the best, but I just wish he'd call it a career already. When no-names like Rodney Stuckey are turning you into a SportsCenter highlight, you gotta take stock.

The inevitable YouTube/"Friday" mashup.

I suppose turnabout is fair play, considering all the dudes AI put on skates over the years.

But still, quit now, Allen. Just quit.

* Hat tip to ListenToLeon.

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