Friday, December 11, 2009

I Guess I'm Racist, Too!!!

As my favorite gossip blogger says, "when all else fails, do some hoe sh*t". GOP, step off the corner, your John has arrived. Peep this stoopid viral video.

I they're they're all racist, including that troutmouthed brother at the end. Uhhh, if they are trying to make a point about not being racist, then why pull the Jedi Mind Trick of ending the video with a sad looking black man?

Who are we kidding? This sh*t is racist.

This is yet another reason why the GOP so epically fails. The ad sights two unrelated instances (Jesse Jackson vs Artur Davis and Jimmy Carter vs the TeaBaggers), and takes both completely out of context as the basis of their pointless point. Seriously, who (if anyone) and when, has the healthcare debate been discussed in any "racist" terms? I might be crazy, but most of what I've seen play out has been a strictly a war of Big Gubb'ment/No Gubb'ment ideology.

I am assuming these non-SAG actors. Seriously, it's soooo obvious. concerned "real Americans" are trying to draw a connection between the healthcare debate, and the justified critique of all those ignoramus TeaBagger's Balls last Summer. That's a pretty flimsy argument at best, but if so, how about the GOP put together a video full of honest TeaBaggers castigating those who infiltrated their ranks with all manner of ignorant, and yeah, racist anti-Obama imagery, thereby undermining their point?

Of course this would never happen. The party leadership is too chickensh*t to be concerned with policing their own racist supporters, for fear of alienating these very voters come 2010. It's a lot easier to do a lil' Psychological Projection, and somehow turn the tables on the other side, thereby accusing them of being racist for merely pointing out the fact that many of your supporters are racist. It's a pretty clever trick, but unfortunately people with half a brain can figure it out. Sure, it'll "energize the base", but in case you ain't notice, that base is shrinking.

Don't fall for the okey doke, people.

Question: What's your read on this latest GOP tactic of alienating 75% of America to gain 25%?

Rachel Maddow Takes On 'I Guess I'm Racist' Ads [HuffPost]

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