Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Great Moments In STFU History.

Boy, I've read some dumb stuff, but this just might take the cake.
Right-wing radio jock Rush Limbaugh used the Woods sex scandal to bash President Obama on his syndicated show Tuesday.

Declaring that Obama had let African-Americans down and that "the black frame of mind is terrible," Limbaugh added: "I'm sure Tiger Woods' choice of females is not helping helping 'em out."

All the women linked to Woods are white.

Woods, who is part black and famously referred to himself as "Cablinasian" when asked about his race, is married to blonde Swede.

African-American athletes who marry white women have been criticized by some blacks for marrying outside their race.
Rush Limbaugh, Go. Sit. Down.

Tiger Woods mother-in-law out of hospital [NYDailyNews]

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