Friday, December 18, 2009

Get On Your SoapBox Day.

Sometimes when you blog, you run into issues getting posts out on the daily. The Fresh 7 days/week promise I made to you guys sometimes proves to be a bit difficult for me to keep up with. Today would be such a day. It's Q4, which is a nice way of saying the folks who sign my checks want me working. And working. And working.

Seldom has a song so accurately reflected what my life looked like at the moment. Take it away, Isley Bros.[1]

So, today, the floor is open. You guys have proven to be a relatively self-sustaining online community. So, start some chatter amongst yourselves. Drop links. Get it poppin'. If you've ever wanted to write your own post for the rest of AverageNation™ to respond to, this is your day!

Sometime soon, once I get past these deadlines, I'll be back to my usual prolific and snarky self. Till then, I could use help getting over the hump. Look out for yaw's boy and take the reigns in the meantime.

Question: Got anything interesting you wanna talk with the rest of AverageNation™ about? Get the convo started you-know-where.

[1] Man, if there's a such thing as a slept-on classic tune, it's this one.

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