Friday, December 11, 2009

Behind The Blog - Sizzler.

[Editor's Note: New Feature alert! I always get emails from folks who are new to the blog asking me to explain certain things I frequently say that don't make sense to the casual reader. Here's one such example.]

I frequently refer to Sizzler, the venerable poor man's Ruth Chris, in this blog. It's usually in relation to someone who's fallen off, is about to fall off, about to get fired, or some combination of all the above. If you need a better idea of just how often I abuse this phrase, just consult the ABGoogle, and you'll see it's employed at least twice a week. Dang, I ain't even realize I used it that much.

Anyways, there's no particular reason why I choose to clown folks who work at Western Sizzler. They deserted the Southeast years ago, so I haven't eaten at one in ages, the last time as a "parting gift" from a particularly cheap customer in Los Angeles. The food is fine, as are the people who work there. I only choose Sizzler cause I'm guessing it's more universally familiar than Golden Corral, and heck, "Sizzler" just sounds funnier. So, to recap, no shots fired at Sizzler.

That is all.

Question: What's better? Sizzler, Golden Corral, or a healthy blood pressure reading? Got any more AB-isms you want me to explain?

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