Thursday, November 5, 2009

Totally Random Thoughts With

Most folks know Larry King as the curmudgeonly host of a lousy talk show on CNN, but those of you over age 18 might recall that he used to pen a comically bad weekly column in USAToday, aka: The McPaper. The term "column" is really a misnomer, because more than anything else it was really just a bunch of random thoughts and non sequiturs tossed together. Some folks called this a stroke of genius, but most of us would prolly consider it drunk blogging. Since ain't nothin' else really goin' on right now, why not just rip off Larry's idea and make it mine? So I present to ya'll, ,more Totally Random Thoughts With

A Bad Day For The Dems... Or Was It?!? - Sorry, I fail to connect the dots between local elections like NY-23, Virginia, and New Jersey to what's going on in DC. Virginia's issues were largely centered on education and transportation. NJ's all about property taxes and an awful corruption scandal. Still, this didn't stop the folks at Fox News from engaging in rampant verbal masturbation and writing Obama's obituary just 10 months in office. Seriously, I flipped over there, and Greta Von Facelift and Britt Hume looked liked they'd just finished making passionate love in the green room. Juan Williams was drinkin' some grape Kool Aid and smoking a Newport. Sean Hannity was feverishly washing his hands. And you wonder why the Obama WH called these folks out. On a related note, it was equally funny watching Olbermann and Co. try to downplay the GOP's big night, practically pretending nothing had happened.

Cleveland Killer - Man, as if C-Town didn't already have enough to worry about, with that burning river, the Shaq/Lebron integration[1], and $9,000 houses and whatnot, now they've got their own serial killer forever associated with the city, and boy, is that Negro one sick puppy. How does a cat pile up 10 bodies in his home and manage to keep it movin' for months (years?) without anybody droppin' dime. Could you imagine the nauseating stench of 10 bodies? I sure can't, and I'm sure glad Anthony Sowell is locked up. Maybe this should, for once, and for all, end the outdated fallacy that black folks can't be serial killers cause that's some "white boy sh*t". It ain't. Reality is, nobody gives enough of a sh*t about dead black folks to make a big deal out of it, but we been had Ted Bundys in the black community. It's not a color barrier I'm particularly glad of breaking. Cleveland, FTL.

Midwest Swang - What's it like to grow up in a state/city that's nowhere near the beach or the mountains? NC was truly the best of both worlds, which is why it amazes me that folks actually choose it live in a totally landlocked state like Wisconsin their entire lives. Seriously, what's up with that?!?

Iverson A Grizz?!? - Sorry, this is still taking some getting used to. I watched AI's first game as a Grizzlie the other night, and it was just sad, sad I tell ya'. Here's a guy that is one the NBA's all-time greats, and a surefire HoF'er, reduced to coming off the bench for one of the worst teams in the NBA. Even worse, Iverson, with his 4th quarter one on one ballhogging, was the main reason the team lost to the NBA's absolutely worst team, the Sacramento Kings the other night.

AI dribbled the ball into the ground so much the coach pulled him (after he helped the team blow a huge lead) and made his a$$ sit the bench as the team lost in OT. Iverson deserves much better than this.

Amerie Should Be A Bigger Star - Few things puzzle me more than trying to understand why Amerie isn't a bigger star than she is. Her first album was a work of slept-on R&B genius.[2] She's pretty. She actually can sing. She's pretty. She's educated. And did I mention she's pretty?

Ya'll know I don't mess with today's R&B all like that, so trust me when I tell you, you should go cop her newest CD In Love And War pronto.

Question: Any thoughts on my thoughts?!?

[1] Yeah, I know, they beat my Wizards the other night. Uhhhmmm, moving right along...

[2] 2002's All I Have is a seriously good collection of music. She was going to be the second coming of Mary J., sans the domestic abuse and drug issues. I have no idea what happened.

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