Sunday, November 8, 2009

Things I Learned From Watching The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

Well, season two is over, and yeah, I actually watched each and every episode. Here's what I learned from RHOA.

There's Absolutely Nothing Real About Reality TV... - I mean, seriously, let's start with the title of this show: only two of these broads are even married. It doesn't even take place in Atlanta proper. What is that, Norcross? Stone Mountain? Dunwoody? With the exception of Kandi, none of them live in the houses seen on the show, they are all leased by Bravo. Three of the folks on the show have lost their homes in real life since Season 1 ended. Is there even anyone on this show with a real Day Job?

...And There's Nothing Wrong With Reality TV Not Being Real - Seriously, folks, these are just soap operas that employ non-union actors. That's all it is, and there's really nothing wrong with that. It's just entertainment, and entertain, it does. Some folks (including me at one point) say shows like RHOA present negative stereotypes of black people. I say, bullcrap, black people present negative stereotypes of black people. We've done a pretty good job of effin' up our image without any help from Bravo. These ladies are just actresses. Period.

Reality TV Has No Clue Of How To Handle Reality - How hard would it have been to simply edit out AJ's parts after he got killed in real life? Watching a freshly-dead man for the next four weeks just felt really eerie, and really wrong. Shame on Bravo.

There Are A Lot Of Black Men Wearing Pumps In Atlanta. I Guess. - I've spent plenty of time in "The A", but I guess I missed this whole epidemic of black men wearing heels and women's jeans somehow. For those in Atlanta, please fill me in: is this sorta thing really that rampant down there, or is the show dialing it up for dramatic effect?

NeNe Is Really Two-Faced - It's really funny watching how other viewers have suddenly gotten wise to the same stuff I was saying last year about NeNe. I told ya'll from the jump this was one cruddy chick, but nah, ya'll thought she was "real". That woman hates worse than Buck Nasty, and a million well-penned Denene Millner tell-alls can't change that. This woman is simply detestable. And yeah, I'm aware that she's simply playing this character on scripted TV, but something tells me she's just as unlikable in person.

For The 1,342nd Time, There Is No Big Papa - Seriously ya'll, Big Papa's real name is Bravo TV. Anyone with half a brain could figure out that Kim was just included to make the show less threatening, and she needed an angle. Enter the "made up boyfriend".

I'll Watch It Again - As much as I might pick on this show, it still works because it adheres to the golden rule of TeeVee... Be Interesting. And on that account, it succeeds.

Question: What did you think of this season's RHOA?

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