Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Problem With... Idiots.

How silly is it to keep hearing folks on cable TV, talk radio, and blogs question the intelligence of folks like President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder when it comes to matters of law and the Constitution? Not a day goes by that I don't hear some numbnut talking about how these two men don't understand what the Founding Fathers meant, and how these two guys are literally desecrating on the principles that this country stands for.

Any professional person of color (particularly Negroes) knows that it's like to have your hardearned credentials questioned from the minute you step in the door. It's one thing to question a person's decisions, but questioning their qualifications is yet another altogether. And I think that's where the distinction between criticism of Bush and Obama lies. Sure, it's a fine line, but I remember most of Bush's criticism tied to his iffy decisions. Not about his legitimacy (and I'm not talking about hanging chads) to even be sitting in the Oval Office in the first place. Again, there's a nuance here, and I hope you're following it. If not, sorry.

Which is why folks who question the intelligence of Obama and Holder on such complex issues as the Constitution come off as total imbeciles. Holder went to Columbia Law and served as both a Federal judge and Deputy Attorney General prior to his current gig. Obama went to Harvard Law and was a Constitutional Law Professor prior to becoming a politician. Despite whatever allegations of affirmative action you might want to sling in their direction, it's quite unlikely that being black wrote their dissertations for them. These are not idiots. They didn't go to DeVry, or Everest College, or one of those schools you see advertised during commercials on Judge Joe Brown.[1]

It is fair to say that these men have forgotten far more about the Constitution than numbnuts like Hannity, Beck, Palin, Rush, and a million TeaBaggers with 8th grade educations know about the Constitution, combined. So enough already.

I guess that twice as hard/half as far thing was true, huh?

Question: What do you think?

[1] No shots fired at DeVry, and Everest College grads, or Judge Joe, of course.

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ch555x said...

Some of these same cats were running for cover during the so-called Y2K scare. Our computers were supposed to shut down due to a calendar bug in the operating system...WTF?!

Antonio said...

Here's a related story

Molly said...

Well. What I think about when I read things like this is my experiences as a woman in one of the scientific fields that is still 90% male. Young and naive at first I didn't think it would make any difference. I learned fast not to open my mouth to say anything unless I could prove it. And it used to annoy the crap out of me that they acted like they were doing me some kind of favor by letting me be part of their field of study. I remember once when I was in grad school and I saw one of my professor who was a visiting professor from Columbia while I was locking my bike to the bike rack. He said something to the effect that I was just as smart as the others. I think this was supposed to be a compliment, but it was sure a strange way of putting it. Anyway, what I mean to say by this is that I get your point and it wouldn't surprise me at all if more than a few of these folks are just ticked off that President Obama is smart and has been places and done things they haven't.

the uppity Negro said...

I did a blog about the "originalist" school of thought when it comes to Constitutional law and I actually had one responder who was either in law school or was a graduate already who challenged me on it.

I think he actually won the debate, but I still disagreed on the grounds that the "original" constitution had that whole 3/5ths clause in it, so any time I hear some white person talk about going back to the "original intent" of the Constitution, with the inclusion of the Bill of Rights, I always get nervous.

I mean, granted I do hold Jefferson and the other framers as revolutionaries when it comes to providing such a democratic document at such an early age, but these were men, many of whom were Deists and were motivated by the budding of capitalism--were also slave owners, and still sexist in their approach. This is probably why I would make a good lawyer because I'd be arguing on the moral grounds of a law--but the judge would be looking at me like I had lost my mind.

And yes, I think it's effed up that people like an Obama or an Eric Holder make it to the literal top because they did what everyone told them to do which was get an ivy league education and live out this blessed American dream, and yes, I'm of the opinion that because they're black, they're getting a bad wrap for it.

The Janitor said...

It is fair to say that these men have forgotten far more about the Constitution than numbnuts like Hannity, Beck, Palin, Rush, and a million TeaBaggers with 8th grade educations know about the Constitution, combined.

Without Question!

@ Uppity Negro:
I blogged about the same thing HERE. Feel free to check it out and tell me what you think.

Dark Frosty said...

So AverageBro do you have a problem with peole who attend DeVry?

Paul said...

The Constitution is pretty easy to understand. The differences of opinion are in the interpretation of the document. I might think that the Second Amendment allows for personal rocket launchers and tanks, while you might believe it bans rocks and sticks. These tools need to argue that Obama and Holder are misinterpreting the Constitution, not violating it.

spool32 said...

There's a line here, yes. I think it's perfectly possible to go to Harvard Law and Teach Constitution Law and still be wrong about what the Constitution means.

Not stupid, just wrong.


It's not because they're black. Please, please stop it.

You might remember I called this way back in mid 2008... any criticism of The One is automatically viewed as racist. Sometimes I hate being right. :(

Shady_Grady said...

I think some of Obama's decisions are wrong but I have no doubt that he's intelligent, qualified and balanced.

The Professor said...

Half of these folks were absent from school the day gov't was taught! They couldn't tell you what the Boston Tea Party stood for but they scream tea party all day long! Post racial in America is a JOKE!!!

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