Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kick Rocks, Lou Dobbs. John King's Got This.

Not that you prolly care either way, but CNN's Lou Dobbs finally got tired of being the sole voice of haterism and decided to to switch teams. And boy, did he go out like a gangsta.

Anyone with half a brain knows this is just a nice way of saying "See ya'll on Fox News". Actually, Dobbs is likely headed to the fledgling Fox Business News Network, which is stockpiling a team full of hater castoffs like John Stossel and Mr. Nappy Headed Hoes himself, Don Imus. What a lineup! It's like adding Mark Teixeira to the Jeter and A-Rod of Haterism. Bravo, Steinbrenner Roger Ailes. Bravo.

Kick rocks, Lou. You shall not be missed.

Of course, somebody had to inherit that lousy 7pm time slot now, and the list of candidates is already floating around. So I'll make my final pitch to CNN...


[PM Update: Sorry Screamin' A.]
Lou Dobbs's replacement may not draw the same kind of ratings as his predecessor, but he won't cause the same kind of headaches, either.

The network announced Thursday that John King will be getting a new show at 7:00 p.m., following the sudden departure of Dobbs, a long-time fixture whose increasingly strident politics have made him an awkward presence on a channel that strives for a middle-of-the-road image.

A former White House correspondent with impeccable straight-news credentials, King now hosts the Sunday morning show State of the Union, which will remain on the air for the time being. His new show will also focus on politics -- although presumably not on the sort of angry immigrant-bashing and conspiracy-mongering that reportedly caused CNN president Jon Klein to order Dobbs to tone down his rhetoric or find a new perch.
Wow, talk about "outside the box" thinking! Great move, CNN. Giving a guy who's already boring as all getout for 4 hours every Sunday morning his own, surely boring as all getout daily show is the decision making of champions.

Mediocrity, FTW!!!

Dobbs was already getting clobbered by HLN and Backyardigans reruns in this time slot, and he was mildly newsworthy. Is CNN trying to set some low ratings record? Do we really need another milquetoast, middle aged white guy on cable TV? Haven't they reached their quota already?

Damn, who's a brotha/sista gotta sleep with to get a show around here?

Question: Who should CNN have hired to replace the disgraced and departed Lou Dobbs? Is John King boring vanilla to you too?

John King replaces Lou Dobbs at CNN [DailyFinance]

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