Monday, November 9, 2009

Katt Burglar?!?

Remember a few months back when Steve Harvey and Katt Williams were engaged in that nonsensical "comedian beef", which culminated in a doubleheader concert New Year's Eve in Detroit? At the time, I took a quick poll of whom AverageNation™ considered the best of these two lightweights, and Williams ran going away. I chalked much of this up to the younger demographic of this site's readership, as well as the universal disdain of Harvey's godawful zoot suits.

In the time since, Harvey's miraculously done a career 180 and turned himself into a world renowned "He's Just Not Into You" relationship expert, thanks to a tremendously successful ghost written book by you-know-who. Dude's got himself some better suits, and a Today Show gig.

Williams, uh, not so much.
The day after comedian Katt Williams was arrested for burglary and criminal trespassing in Georgia following an alleged home invasion, details about the incident continue to trickle out.

Williams was said to have a crowbar when he entered a home in Newnan, about 40 miles southwest of Atlanta, according to local police cited in an Associated Press story. He allegedly stole $3,555 in jewelry and collect able coins. The victim, identified in a police report as Daniel Broach, called police around 9 p.m. to report the break-in.

The 38-year-old Williams remained jailed Monday (November 9) in suburban Atlanta after a Coweta County judge set bond at more than $41,000 during a court hearing.

The comedian's lawyer, William Briggs, told TMZ his client had been staying for three weeks with "full permission" on the property of producer Barry Hankerson while filming a movie. Briggs said that Williams was involved in a dispute with one of Hankerson's employees, who fabricated the incident.

In a recording of a 911 call obtained by TMZ, the caller says Williams wouldn't let him leave and "threatened to beat me up." The caller also said he wasn't sure if Williams had a weapon.

Williams was admitted to a psych ward in South Carolina last November and was arrested on gun charges in New York before performing hours later at Carnegie Hall. Prosecutors later dropped the charges after encountering problems proving their case. The comedian also skipped his scheduled hosting duties at the 2008 BET Hip-Hop Awards and an appearance on "Late Night With Conan O'Brien."
I don't know where to start here, other than to say Williams gives the unholy trinity of James Brown, Ms. "Lick My Neck, My Back" Khia, and George Clinton a run for Grizzliest Negro Mugshot Of All Time. Jeepers, Katt, I guess it's hard to get that perm did when the money's runnin' low.

Note To Self: Keep hair did, especially prior to committing a B&E.

All jokes aside, it's clear that Williams is suffering from some mental and/or substance abuse problems. Let's keep the brother in our prayers.

Question: What is it about the world of standup comedy that makes so many people (Pryor, Chappelle, Murphy, Lawrence, Tommy Davidson) succumb to their inner demons?!?

Katt Williams Was Arrested For Stealing Jewelry And Coins [MTV]

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