Sunday, November 8, 2009

Iverson Kicked Off Team. Already. After 3 Games.

Sometimes, it's so blatantly obvious that something's a bad idea, you can already see how it'll unravel from the very beginning. Inventing "New Coke". Paying hardearned money to see Gigli. Buying a BetaMax VCR. Signing up to sell Primerica. Choosing that woman as Vice President. The Hindenburg.

Add Allen Iverson signing with the Memphis Grizzlies to that esteemed list.

Just last week, I told ya'll AI was already complaining to coaches about coming off the bench after his first freakin' game of the season. I predicted that this unholy alliance wouldn't make it to the All-Star break.

Uhhh, scratch that.
Is Allen Iverson's career in Memphis over after just three games?

On Saturday, Iverson was granted permission to leave the the Grizzlies to deal with a personal matter a Grizzlies spokesperson confirmed.

The question is, will he be back?

Head coach Lionel Hollins said Saturday night that Iverson's departure was "indefinite." Owner Michael Heisley said Iverson's absence has nothing to do with his displeasure about his role on the team.

“I’m not going to get into the personal reason but it has nothing to do with the other stuff,” Heisley told the Commercial Appeal, referring to Iverson’s unhappiness over his sixth man role. “I’m the guy who said he could go. It’s a real family issue that I don’t think should be reported.”

However, Heisley also said that there are still big issues to address when and if Iverson returns.

“There’s no question that when he comes back we have to work some things out,” Heisley said. “He’s got a lot of work to do, but we’ve all got to get on the same page. He understands what the conditions are. And we need to be less hyper about this along with Allen.”

Despite Heisley's remarks to the media, the rumor making its way through the NBA grapevine, according to a number of league sources unconnected to the Grizzlies, is that Iverson's gone for good from the Grizzlies.
So, to repeat, AI didn't even cut it one week in Graceland. His career as a Grizz lasted all of 3 games.

RiPPa, I sure hope you didn't buy those season tickets.

Does this really surprise anyone? Did everyone forget that Iverson was essentially told to kick rocks by a struggling Pistons team just 6 months ago? Or that he was unceremoniously dumped from the Nuggets? And the Sixers? And that he only signed with the Grizz because no other NBA team wanted him contaminating their youngsters with his legendary practice habits?

It's really, really, really sad watching a once proud athlete write his career eulogy in such a shameful manner.[1] Once considered a surefire Hall Of Famer, AI is probably pissing his way out of Springfield. While his heart was once unquestionable (the guy was a miraculously quick healer when injured), it's now the biggest question mark surrounding him.

What a way to go out. Out like a sucka.

Today's papers are indicating that Iverson is contemplating retirement, but you and I know better. What's he going to do for money, work at Sizzler? Here's to hoping AI's "soul searching sabbatical" shows him that the NBA doesn't need him, he needs the NBA.

Get it together, Allen.

Question: Is Allen Iverson tarnishing his HoF chances with this sort of nonsense? Where's his next stop, the Sizzler in Newport News?

Answers few and far between on Allen Iverson's future in Memphis [ESPN]

[1] I still say Starbury went out worse. At least AI hasn't eaten any Vaseline or gotten a tearful, shirtless backrub from some dude on camera. Yet.

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