Thursday, November 12, 2009

As If Being A Wizards Fan Wasn't Hard Enough Already...

[Editor's Note: Yes, I know this one toes the fine line between sports and gossip. No, I do not care. I wouldn't have batted an eye at this had the franchise player for my favorite team not been involved. That's my story, you know the rest.]

Ya'll know I ride for one team and one team only (Oops, two. Can't forget my Heels), and if you follow this blog, you know last season was pretty rough for the resident Washington Wizards fan. Franchise player Gilbert Arenas had his 28th knee surgery, the coach got fired, and the season was in the crapper by the end of training camp. It was the sort of indignity no fan should have to suffer through, unless that fan happens to cheer for the Clippers.

This year was gonna be different. Arenas would be back healthy, the team picked up some nice players via trade, and hired an experienced coach. We were gonna make to the NBA Finals, and I'd be right there next Summer on 7th Street for the parade.

Of course, like all sports pipe dreams, this one is shortlived. Arenas is back 100%, but now the rest of the team can't stay healthy, and the squad is off to a disappointing 2-5 start. As if things couldn't get any worse, witness the latest indignity, courtesy of (who else?) the Cleveland Cavs.
Another cheater bites the dust. The same credible source who hipped us to the Shaq and Shaunie O’Neal cheating/divorce drama almost two years ago has given us more juicy info. And it aint looking good for the homie Shaquille.

Said source tells YBF that they have run across emails regarding a secret sexual relationship between Shaq and Wizards baller Gilbert Arenas’ fiance Laura Govan. And Laura is actually friends with Shaunie. Drama!

Allegedly, Laura and Shaq have been friends in public…and more than friends in private…for the past 5 years. Supposedly they’ve been flying to each others’ towns and meeting up at different events. They even allegedly spent time together last Christmas when Shaq was still playing in Phoenix. Laura just so happened to be there “visiting her sister”.

How crazy is it that Laura and Gilbert are about to have their third child next month and have been engaged for a while now? Those two have aired their dirty laundry in the past though and people have accused Laura of being a gold digger. So it’s not too surprising YBF finds this out now.

Looks like Shaq may still be up to his old cheating ways. He and Shaunie got back together the first time, but if all this turns out to be true, who knows what’ll go down.
I gotta tell ya', for all those folks who blame NBA players for being bed hopping whores, this is proof that you can't even catch a break when you do attempt to wife a chick. Just how sh*tty does a guy feel finding out his "fiancee" is sleeping with (and might even be pregnant by) a player from your arch rival, the very opponent that's presented the biggest obstacle in your career ascent by toppling you from the playoffs 3 straight years? Man, that's gotta suck.

As for Shaq, damn player, you just want to be taken to the cleaners, don't you? Not that I have any firsthand knowledge, but if I got caught creepin', and my wife could take HALF, but for some reason decided to give me a reprieve, I'd prolly keep it in my pants and spend a lot more time in the hotel room playing Wii Sports. That massive divorce settlement Juanita Jordan got will look like chump change compared to the cake Mrs. Shaq is about to come up on.

I've said it once, I'll say it again: if you're rich and famous, strap up (or get yourself fixed), and do not get married! Evar.

Now if you'll pardon me, I'm going to cancel my Wizards partial season tix.

Question: What sorta Nuthin' But Africans soap opera Negro Nonsense is this?!?

Shaq’s Pimp Focus is Strong..Sleeping With Gilbert Arenas Fiance. [YBF]

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