Tuesday, November 17, 2009

AB.com NewsBriefs.

I'm busy today. Here's everything noteworthy, but too short for a post.

Valley Swim Club Drowns. - Remember last summer when that swim club outside Philly unceremoniously revoked the rights to dozens of black and brown kids upon realizing that, omigod, they had opened their gates to dozens of black and brown kids? Well, in the most ironic turn of events, Valley Swim Club is no longer able to stay afloat financially and is closing its doors. I bet that $1,900 check they returned is lookin' mighty good right now. You couldn't make this stuff up.

The Dow Is Streaking Towards 11,000. And That's Not Good. - I'm gonna just toss it out there: this economic rebound on Wall Street is going to blow up in our (and the President's) faces sooner or latest. Share prices and actual earnings are out of whack. Much of what we're seeing is little more than an artificial inflation that's the direct of the Fed's nonexistent interest rates and all the TARP money Bush and Obama threw out there. I'd much rather see the Dow at 11k than 6k, but anyone who thinks this is indicative of a much improved economy is ignoring recent history. I'm not saying we shouldn't be happy that our 401k's look better, but I think we should all prepare ourselves for a massive correction. This simply can't sustain itself. I'd love to be proven wrong, but I've seen this happen too many times to believe otherwise.

Hold The Soap, cRappers!!! - Last week was a banner week of rappers and the judicial system as not one, but two cRappers got sentenced to prison bids for the most ungangsta of acts, probation violation. Lil' Boosie will be asking fellow inmates to "wipe him down" as his efforts to have Jesse Jackson intercede on his behalf failed (Jesse had better things to do) to persuade the judge. His faux pas? Violating house arrest. Sentence: four years. Even worse, Gucci Mane ruined my "biggest rapper alive in 2010" prediction by getting himself sentenced to 1 year in the clink for not completing enough community service hours. This numbnut, who actually killed a man a few years ago, only did 25 of his required community service hours, and now his Traaap House will be a jailhouse. Throw in Lil' Wayne (headed to jail), and TI (headed home soon) with these two fellow Southerners, and you'd have one helluva Don Cannon mixtape. Don't drop the soap, fellas.

Don't Drop The Soap Either, Dolla Bill. - Former Louisiana Congressman William Jefferson, he of the brilliant $90,000 in the freezer wrapped in aluminum foil fame, got sentenced to a staggering 13 year prison bid last week. Let the record reflect that libruls get hard time when they screw up too.

Iverson's A Free Man. - Well, AI and The Grizzlies decided to part ways, making The Answer a free agent yet again. Word is the Knicks are suddenly interested, but as well as Toney Douglas is ballin', I have no idea why. A far better fit is Charlotte, a team with a bunch of non-shooting PG's, where AI could get some major burn immediately. Then again, this is Bob Johnson we're talking about, so you know his cheap a$$ isn't about to pay AI, knowing he too might have to cut bait in a few weeks. My smart money says AI gets a big dollar offer in Europe and is outta here for good. What a sad end to a once certain HoF career.

One Dope Song. - I don't have the YouTube link (it ain't up there yet), but peep this new Phonte jawn (courtest of 2DopeBoyz) and please explain why this guy isn't a megastar yet. I just can't figure it out.

AverageBro.com Ends Its Longtime Ban On That Woman. - Yep, the ban is over. Tune in here tomorrow, and you'll see what I've wanted to say about you-know-who since July.

Question: Got any news you wanna share?

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