Thursday, November 5, 2009 Guest Post - Daniel Synder Is A D-Bag.

[Editor's Note: Those outside the DC Urreah might assume that Barack Obama is by far the most hated man in the nation's capitol. That's actually untrue, the title solely belongs to Redskins owner Daniel Synder, a guy singlehandedly responsible for running a storied franchise into the ground. Snyder recently pulled a Douchebag Hall Of Fame move by banning any and all signs from the team's stadium, after some unsavory things were said about him on national TV. Fellow DMV resident Vanilla Latte, whom, might I add, is giving me and AverageSis her tickets to the Skins/Broncos game in a few weeks, goes in on DC's most infamous business man. Show our guest some love.]

I guess you could call me a minority poster on AB’s website (in more ways than one). Being the white liberal female has me flapping out in the breeze all by myself sometimes. But when you add the label “non sports fan” to the already long list…man, I am just asking for it!

So I’ve decided to pull the cork from my ass and talk sports today—in a round about way. I’m in the DC area and while I’ve never, ever been a sports fan (amateur or professional) certain owners make it real hard to even muster a grain of support for the professional home team i.e. the Burgundy and Gold. My husband has been a hard-core fan since the 1970’s and I’m subjected to sports talk/commentary/rants whether I like it or not.

Now, I shall refrain from naming the villain who is so loathed and despised by folks around the beltway…let me borrow the phrase “he who cannot be named”. Remember, he loves lawsuits and will sue your ass. [Ed - I named him above. Sue me you lil' punk!] And please don’t think I consider myself an expert on the topic of sports. I sure don’t. What I know is that the actions of a certain NFL team owner have many folks around these parts seeing red including former season ticket holders, lifelong fans, former hall-of-famer team players (who are beloved by fans) and just regular armchair commentators—like myself. So why will I never support our local NFL team or its owner—aside from the fact that I hate sports? Let me count the reasons:

1. Suing lifelong fans because they reneged on season ticket contracts—when they were jobless and facing bankruptcy (i.e. 70 something year old woman).

2. Banning all media from the stadium parking lot so they cannot interview tailgating fans. (Another attempt to gain total control of media coverage.)

3. Banning all homemade fan signs from the stadium.

4. Gouging fans on parking, concessions, and tickets to pay for his new stadium.

5. Dude cuts down trees that block his view on the Potomac River—even when they’re NOT on his property and he is DENIED permission by the National Park Service.

[Editor's Note: I am not responsible for, nor do I condone the following statement.]

The list could go on but you get my drift. GO RAVENS!!

Question: Am I being unreasonable about “he who cannot be named”? Does this justify my disdain for professional sports? Does Washington have the worst NFL team owner or what? Should I become a sports fan and root for the Ravens?? I like their team colors!!

WUSA says Skins prohibiting tailgate interviews [WashPost]

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