Thursday, November 19, 2009

3 Play Thursday - HoodRat Anthems.

3 Play Thursday again. Today: Random cRap Music salutes to Black Women.

cRap music isn't all about misogyny and putting black women down. Nope, sometimes cRappers Channel Their Inner Feminine Side and salute the fine character of those women they douse with Alize in VIP rooms nationwide. Here's just a few examples of what I like to refer to as HoodRat Anthems.

LL Cool J - "Around The Way Girl"

Cyber CapriSuns™ to the first person to name the head "Around The Way Girl", who happened to have her own TV show in the 90's. Speaking of cameos, I still have no idea why Bart Simpson makes a cameo in this video. This is the original HoodRat Anthem from LL's career climax, the classic album Mama Said Knock You Out. Man, it's sad that Marley Marl got hooked on drugs, and LL went Hollywood shortly thereafter. The music these guys could have made...

Ca$h Money Millionaires - "Project Chick"

I don't what's more hilarious: Lil' Wayne's pre-ghostwriters & syrup Fisher Price My First Flow, or the fact that this song has since become a staple of every HBCU Marching Band?

The LOX ft. Eve - "Ryde Or Die Chick"

Let's face it, there's nothing wrong about being a Ryde Or Die Chick. Every man wants a lady who's down for him, no matter what pops off. I thought long and hard about having this part of our wedding soundtrack, but my wife squashed that one quickly.

Apache - "Gangsta B*tch"

In the pre-censorship days of Negro Radio, this song played unedited, which still amazes me to this day. Seriously, I don't even think there was a radio edit for this one. They ain't even try and play with the words to make it "itch-bay", or none of that. Man, the early 90's, those were the days. Cyber CapriSuns™ to the first person to tell me who produced the beat for this classic mixshow staple. Double Cyber CapriSuns™ to the first person to tell me which Tri-State area Sizzler Apache (this was his only hit) is currently bussin' tables at.

Question: Got any other Hoodrat Anthems that I missed?

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