Thursday, October 1, 2009

After This Nonsense, I See Why Some People Don't Vote.

As a person who's spent some time trying (often unsuccessfully) to hit the streets and register black folks to vote in the past, it always puzzles me that some folks don't give a crap about the people who are determining their taxes, kids' education, safety, etc. How you can live in the greatest country in the world, and not take 20 minutes here and there to cast a vote is beyond me. It's been said that even if you're not casting a vote, you're still voting in a sense. To be apolitical is to be political.

Then again, when I see disgusting displays like this, staying home on election day suddenly makes sense on some level.

Seriously: the GOP plan is "Die Quickly"?!? What sorta jackass actually takes the time to send his staffers out to Kinkos to print this sorta nonsense, then has the sheer, unmitigated gall to present it on the House floor?

Alan Grayson, for being an a$$hole, engaging in severe hyperbole, and being an a$$hole, needs to go sit down, or voters in his district need to do it for him next year. Why is this sort of fear mongering allowed?

[Editor's Aside: I see the folks at Fox News are already comparing this to the Joe Wilson outburst. Just cut it out, already. They aren't the same.]

Don't start rejoicing yet, Conservatives, I'm comin' for ya'll too.

Not to be outdone, Mr. Spray-On Tan himself, John Boehner, just couldn't help but criticize a certain politician from the opposing party for taking a day off work to possibly bring thousands of new jobs to the US.
House Minority Leader John Boehner torched President whatshisname Wednesday for his European trip to pitch the Chicago Olympics bid, criticizing the president for "going to go off to Copenhagen when we've got serious issues here at home that need to be debated."

whatshisname's trip has been maligned by most Republicans as the health care overhaul remains in a continued state of flux in Congress and the top general in Afghanistan awaits word on a troop increase. The White House first said it was unlikely that whatshisname would go to Denmark because he thought it important to help push health care through Congress.

But earlier this week, the White House announced whatshisname thought the health care debate was far enough along that he could escape for the day to lobby the International Olympic Committee's voters to bring the games to his home town.

Boehner clearly isn't in that camp.

"Listen I think it's a great idea to promote Chicago but he's the president of the United States, not the mayor of Chicago," Boehner said. "And the problems we have here at home affect all Americans and that's where his attention ought to be."
So, lemme see if I've got this right: we're in the middle of a severe recession. Unemployment is pushing 10% nationwide, for the state of Illinois it's already 10.5%, and in the Windy City, and Chicago lost the highest number of jobs for any metropolitan division in the country last month. President whatshisname is simply going to Copenhagen (lovely city, BTW) for a few hours to possibly sway a vote that could result in $22.5 billion of incremental economic activity in the State of Illinois—$13.7 billion in the City of Chicago alone—during the 11-year span of 2011 through 2021. A recent study also found that 315,000 new job-years will be created during this period.

Meanwhile, what's this other douchebag been doing this week besides getting tanning appointments in Alexandria trying to kill healthcare reform?

Hey, John Boehner: Go. Play. In. Traffic. Sit. Down.

Seriously, as much of an advocate as I am for the whole democratic process and whatnot, watching folks (on both sides of the aisle) act a damn fool like this sorta kinda explains why some people couldn't care less.

Question:Is Grayson a douchebag or is he merely playing the same scare tactic that the GOP employs all the time? Is what he did essentially the same as what Joe Wilson did? Is there any excuse for being apolitical? What color is John Boehner? Taupe? Eggshell? Beige? Tangerine?

John Boehner blasts whatshisnames's Olympic move [Politico]

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