Friday, October 2, 2009

TVOne, FTW?!?

As much as I bash TVOne for being little more than a purveyor of bourgeois Negro sensibility, I gotta admit that this new series Life After is pretty intriguing. I somehow stumbled across a marathon of this show the other day, and found myself hooked.

The premise of the show is pretty obvious: it takes a handful of D-List black "celebs" who've encountered some serious hardship in life, and talks about what happened after. The Darryl "Chill" Mitchell episode was especially good.

Ya'll surely remember Jamie Foxworth from "Family Matters". But did you know she did pRon? Me neither.

Omarosa is a preacher now. No comment.

Kid, from Kid -N- Play, finally ditched the high top fade, but he still looks like Kid. I would do that stoopid kickstep dance, but I'm writing this solo.

Yeah, I know this all seems pretty fluffy, but it's honestly not bad TV. Where else would you hear these sorts of stories?

It'd be nice if the station mixed in something remotely resembling news, but well, that's asking a bit much. As is Life After ain't a terrible consolation.

Question: Have you seen Life After on TVOne. Is this sorta niche programming a good idea?

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