Saturday, October 24, 2009

There's A Rep For That.

A clever send up on those annoying, "smarter than thou" iPhone commercials. Oddly there's no mention of "Magic" Mike Steele, but I guess that's cause he's not an elected official.

On a completely unrelated point, if you don't have an iPod Touch, you should go put your head in an oven really go get yourself one. As douchey as these commercials, and an generally annoying as Mac users are, there's no denying that this is that app. Seriously, for barely $200, you essentially have a fullblown handheld computer that does everything, and I do mean everything. I got a million and one apps on mine, that do everything from play satellite radio, to manage my eBay auctions, to GTA type drive & shoot games.

Best of all, it uses a WiFi signal, so there's no need for "data plans" or anything. It's essentially the iPhone, sans the Phone[1], and it's a freak of technological nature. I don't hype up products that I don't get paid to endorse, but trust me, it's that damn good.

Put one on your Christmas list, or better yet, just buy it now and thank me later.

[1] Although, I should note, there are some apps that allow you to make free calls via IP, sorta like Skype does.

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