Sunday, October 18, 2009

Stop Whinin' Like A Lil' B*tch, Juan.

Juan Williams got rewarded for his watercarrying by getting to sub for Bill O'Reilly the other night. As opposed to calling Warren Ballentine and handling his like a man, he used the bully pulpit of Fox's flagship show to attempt to tie Rush's failed bid to buy an NFL team back to Obama. In an odd turn of events, as opposed to clapping back at Ballentine, he brings in another black man and a gay white woman (WTF?!?) to do his dirty work. How gully.

Uh, hey Juan, all that stuff I said a few weeks ago about you turning the corner... uhhhm, I take that back.

Seriously, I totally agree that Ballentine steeping low enough to call you a house slave was disgraceful. But why not call him personally, invite him on the show, or better yet, go on his show if you've got such beef? Instead, using Ballentine (who couldn't out debate my 3 year old) as some bizarre proxy for all anti-Limbaugh protesters comes off as pretty b*tchmade in my book.

Question: Could Juan Williams have handled this a bit better?

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