Saturday, October 3, 2009

Somebody Please Explain These Commercials?!?

I see these Broadview Security commercials all the time on TV, and the stupidity never ceases to amaze.

In each and every case, some grimy (but always White, for politically correct reasons) dude lies in wait, watches a woman walk into the house, and clearly set the alarm. The dude then goes running up, kicks in the door wavin' the 4-4, and gets scared away by an alarm the he just saw the same woman set, not to mention all the Broadview Security yard signs and window stickers clearly announcing that the home is being monitored.

I hope I don't sound all stalkerish, but if a dude is really, really trying to get at someone and cause harm, how likely is he to be scared off by a measly alarm? I understand using scare tactics to get folks to buy stuff, but this just ain't realistic, is it?

Question: Are these commercials stoopid or is it just me?!?

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