Monday, October 12, 2009

Obama Navel-Gazing Reaches Yet Another Low.

Come on ya'll, just knock it off already. Does the guy have to be critiqued for everything?
Around 5 p.m. today, President Obama will throw on some athletic gear, maybe do some stretching, and hit the White House basketball court for a little pickup.

Among his teammates and adversaries will be Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner; Secretary of Housing & Urban Development Shaun Donovan; Secretary of Education Arne Duncan; Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar; and eleven members of Congress.

The list of players reflects at least some effort to reach across the aisle -- there are two Republicans coming over from Congress, along with nine Democrats. Conspicuously missing from the list, however, are women. The WNBA's Washington Mystics may play just down the street, but today the White House court will be a woman-free zone.

Asked why no women had made the cut at his daily briefing Thursday, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs said "the point is well taken."

"The president, obviously, is someone who, as someone who is the father of two young daughters, has an avid interest in their competing against anybody on the playing field," he said. Gibbs said the president has played basketball and other sports with women in the past and will likely do so in the future.
So now, a brotha can't even play pickup ball without being politically correct? Who's he s'posed to invite to even-out the gender imbalance? Pelosi? Hillary? I hear Michelle Bachmann has as wicker crossover. Please.

On an unrelated note: for a 47-year old, Obama sure as hell looks like a much older player, with all that gimpiness, and those old geezer black track pants and whatnot. My Pops played right up until he died, and he had Robert Horry game. Obama? He looks like Robert Parish.[1] Not pretty.

Question: Does everything have to be so politically correct in the White House nowadays? Should Obama feel obligated to invite girls to his pickup game? Does Obama actually have game, or is this yet another example of flowery liberal media attention for The Beige One?!?

Barack Obama, Basketballer-in-Chief [CBS]

[1] I mean 94-95' dunkin' and head-nodding Horry, not 38 year old, 3-point line garden gnome Horry.

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