Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Nastiest Dunk Of The Year Thus Far.

Halfrican Americans aren't just running the White House, they're also about to be running The Association too.

While putting #1 Overall Pick Blake Griffin on the Clippers is a monumental waste second only to DJ Premier giving tracks to The Group Home, it's nice to know the former Sooner will be providing the occasional Play Of The Week in the midst of countless 20 win seasons to come. Good for you, Blake. For Mr. Mbenga, uhhh, not so much.


The funniest part is the Lakers bench. Look at Kobe's reaction.

Bonus: Nice 2-way play from Javale McGee.

Question: The NBA season kicks off next week. Who you got? I still say Spurs. Sorry Kobe (and DJ).

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