Monday, October 5, 2009

Keep It In Your Pants, Dave.

Dang, homey. You know how the saying goes... "don't buy your meat where you make your bread". What are the chances that Dave Letterman would never have gotten pinched for $2M if he was messin' with some chicks from Sizzler?

This obviously doesn't ruin his career in any way, shape, or form, mostly because society's attitude towards extramarital dalliances quite different now than back in the days (ie: Clinton/Lewinsky). Rick Pitino is already old news. Eliot Spitzer (mark my words) will be back in some office within 3 years. Does anyone even remember Kobe's rape trial?

Besides, did anyone notice just how smooth Dave was when he broke the news? The audience seemed to have no idea what he was talking about and assumed it was just an extended monologue. By the time he dropped the "bonin' my subordinates" line, folks were too busy chuckling to realize what had happened. Even funnier, he's somehow managed to spin this story in a way that makes him look like the victim (shaken down by a desperate co-worker), rather than a villain (cause lets face it, somebody got passed on a promotion cause they wouldn't drop their Worldwide Pants). Brilliant. Those PR folks deserve an extra Rolex at this year's Holiday party. Just don't drank none of Dave's punch.

On a related, but not-so related note: the photo of one of Letterman's staffers/jumpoffs is all over the web today, and lets just say she's not exactly a looker. I guess proximity/convenience is prolly what leads many of these dudes to make the choices they make, but would it hurt to pick a mistress who at least looks good?

If you're gonna fail, at least fail big. I'm just sayin'.

Question: What's the difference between lame workplace flirting and outright harassment? Is Letterman opening himself up to a crapload of sexual harassment lawsuits? Has America's attitude towards extramarital affairs changed?

Top Ten Reasons David Letterman's Sextortion Scandal Won't Matter [NewsWeek]

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