Monday, October 19, 2009

Is Obama In The DogHouse?!?

Any man, married or otherwise, knows the soul-crushing indignity of being in "The DogHouse". Your wife/baby mama/boo/jumpoff won't talk to you, won't give you no eye contact, no lovin', not even a warm foot under the covers. When you're in the DogHouse, ain't none of that happenin'.

So, I'm wondering if Barack might be sleepin' on the Oval Office couch right about now, cause I know Black women, and Michelle-O is clearly not a happy one in the video below.

Pay attention at the :35 mark. Any man surely knows that look. She is pissed (for some reason). She is not havin' none of his cutesy "hey baby" gestures. She is about 3 seconds away from telling him "since you wanna be all cute and sh*t, let that Spaaaaanish b**** fix you some damn cookies at 3am!!!"

Or maybe that's just me. What do ya'll think?

Question: Was Obama clearly in the DogHouse in this clip? If so, what the heck is Michelle so angry about?!?

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