Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'd Like To See Barbara Bush Pull This Off...

So, Michelle Obama hits the South Lawn and does some hula hooping and jump roping to encourage kids to drop the XBox and stay active. She also managed to hula hoop an astounding 142 straight times. I'm a little perturbed that someone actually took the time to review the tape and count each and every revolution, but hey, it's called navel gazing, and it comes with the job.

What's most amazing is that she does all this running around, yet still manages to stay casket sharp. Not a hair out of place. Mind you, it was about 75 degrees here in The DC Urreah yesterday. Michelle-O was still stuntin' like a muv, tho'.

Cool as a fan. What is this woman made of, ice water?!?

Of course, not everyone was so happy about this. Here's just a smattering of comments on the boards of that bastion of unbiased, non-racist, all-American fun, Fox News.
But dosen't she have great arms???? They hang all the way down to her ankles...................

I felt that in NJ.....
Felt it? I am here in Maine and could smell it

Well besides making Mary Todd Lincoln look good, Michelle also makes all the furniture in the WH look smaller, at least in comparison to her .......

LOL COme off it....Michelle is a FAT A** hula hoop is going to whip that body into about a little jog in the park or a few sit ups?? You have to be JOKING!!!

How about riding a broom! She looks like Ray Lewis in drag!


Does the first lady have to buy car insurance? Look ma! so easy a cavewoman can do it!

It measured a 8.9 on the rickter scale.

If she put a bottle of milk on her hips she could make butter

Not fair with that butt the hula hoop doesn't have a chance of hitting the ground.

Get out the wide Lenses guys..

The cooking must be good in the White House, OH is that rasist??

HOLY COW (no pun intended), SHE SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT: "Breaking News Panama Hit By 6.1 Magnitude Earthquake"

After watching her i almost feel sorry for berry.NOT REALLY!


Well to be honest, her hips and butt could use the exercise.

I wish the First Lady could see jump rope in Tanzania and Kenya.

Where'd they find one big enough

We now know what her real talent is - playing a 9 year old!

BREAKING NEWS: MO GETS AN AWARD FROM THE PRESIDENTIAL COUNCIL ON FITNESS! this is taken From a cell phone recording at this event. "YOU CANT EAT POPEYES OR MCDONALDS OR WHACK A 4O WHEN YOU HOOPIN. HEY BARRACK HUSSAIN GOT HIS B-BALL COURT, I GOT MY IDEA FROM A PAIR OF EARRINGS (and) take that balloon family, that's how you get media cred! shake you butt like BLACK ENTERTAINMENT TELEVISION (BET) SAY! I got junk in my trunk, i got a big o butt, shake yo money maker so you get the sugar daddy and never have to work for the man or pimps again.....(and the bet goes on...)":...MO
Ahhh, postracial America.

Question: Are the physical insults hurled at Michelle-O racist, or merely par for the course when you're the First Lady?!?

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