Monday, October 5, 2009

Has Obama Really Accomplished Anything?!?

Despite whatever 9th life Saturday Night Live gained for its political sketches during last year's presidential campaign, reality is, anyone who watches the show beyond the opening monologue knows it's still L-A-M-E, with a capitol L-A-M-E. They had an entire offseason to find one black woman, any black woman, to play Michelle Obama. You know how that story ended. And if you don't, just take a wild guess.

This weekend, perhaps a bit shaken by lousy ratings for both the show's season premiere, and its clunky, poorly named SNL Weekend Update Thursday (which is doing The CW numbers), the folks at 30 Rock decided to dial up the controversy meter and go after you know who.

Boy, where do I begin?

I don't drank Obama Flavor-Aid™, but even I can poke a million holes in this nonsensical rant. C'mon, Obama passed the stimulus act within weeks of assuming office which has saved the jobs of millions and provided extensions for unemployment and healthcare benefits for millions more. Passed a tax cut for 90-some percent of Americans. Increased funding for small businesses. Ramped up troop deployments in Afghanistan. Passed Lilly Ledbetter on Day One. Credit Card and Foreclosure reform that protects consumers. $5B in grants to study, and hopefully solve such health crises as cancer, autism and heart disease. The Gitmo evacuation is in progress. SCHIP. Opened WH visitation records. Lifted travel to and from Cuba. You and I both know the healthcare plan will eventually get passed.

I could keep on, but of course, I won't. Besides, it ain't like the dude's spent 1/3 of this first year on vacation.

It's outlandish to think that everything would get done within 9 months of taking office. Unemployment will continue to rise before it finally bottoms out. Iraq, Iran, and Afghanistan aren't problems that began January 20th, nor will they be solved anytime soon. But you can see the glass as half full (peep the Dow and your 401k, assuming you haven't cashed it out already to keep your lights on) if you choose. I choose to, cause seriously, what sorta nihilistic outlook must you have if you really want the country to fail simply cause your guy didn't win? Isn't that the textbook definition of "unpatriotic"?!?

Do I agree with everything Obama does? Of course not. I think his style of leadership leaves much to be desired, but that doesn't mean he's not doing a good job. And it definitely doesn't mean he isn't doing anything. But I'm sure SNL was just jokin'. Too bad nothing they do is even remotely funny nowadays.

Question: Is SNL right? Has Obama actually accomplished anything of substance? Has he actually tried to take on too much this early in his presidency? Is Fred Armisen's Obama impression getting better or worse?

The Obameter: Tracking Obama's Campaign Promises [Politifact]

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