Tuesday, October 6, 2009

An AB.com MultiMedia Exposé : The Tears Of A A$$Clown.

I tell ya', the more powerful this Glen Beck fella gets, the more I realize just how stoopid a lot of folks in this country are. We already know this dude is no activist, no journalism, no nothing. He's just a onetime morning zoo radio jock and failed standup comedian who has somehow managed to convince a sizable and easily duped segment of the country that he's some super whistleblower.

And when you don't have facts, what's the easiest thing to do, other than appeal to people's raw emotions? And what tugs are emotional pursestrings more than tears?

This asshat seems to get misty eyed more often than my 11-month old, and like most folks with a 3rd eye, I tend to look at this as little more than calculated drama to manipulate an audience. Looking at Beck's Nielsen numbers, it obviously works. But is this guy lying, or true to his convictions?

Yeah, that was Vicks' VapoRub, the stuff your Grandma used to put on your chest to get phlegm out. How appropriate.

Yes, this was part of a staged photo-op, but you can very clearly hear Beck say "my eyes are getting used to this", which sorta suggests he's done this before. Which also sorta suggests he's a fraud. But then again, what did you expect? This is Fox News after all.

Question: Do "commentators" like Beck, Hannity, and Co. who pass themselves off as legitimate journalists deserve to be scrutinized a bit more? Is Beck crying out of concern for this country, or out of concern for his next yacht payment?

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