Friday, October 9, 2009

An A/B Conversation: Obama Losing Black Support, Kanye, And Covert Racism.

The blogging world's two greatest cyber playcousins, AverageBro and The Black Snob, shoot the breeze in this latest edition of An A/B Conversation. Today's topics: Obama's disappearing support in the black community, whether overt or covert racism is better, the sad state of black TV in post-racial America, Kanye West's need for meds, and Levi Johnston's decision to show his Johnston.

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Topic #1: Is The Obama Effect wearing off on black America!?!?

B: I think for the majority it would take some major crisis for the shine to completely come off, but there are some cracks in the facade.

A: Many many cracks. No lie, it started with me when he rolled out a Cabinet that looked like my last managerial retreat. Not even considering a sista for SCOTUS. Pulling funding from HBCU's in a recession. I know, this is all "surface" stuff.

B: Well, for those who were always suspicious those things definitely fueled the fire. The only time the naysayers annoy me is that some of these folks gave Bill Clinton the permanent pass and he did near nothing for black folks. For the majority though, I'm thinking dude would have to commit something major for them to fall off the bandwagon.

A: Such as?

B: I think he would have to start sniffing around Affirmative Action for folks to get antsy.

A: He isn't going to do that. Affirmative Action is nowhere on the political landscape at the moment. Seriously, short of being found in the executive washroom with a white chick, what would turn Black women off?

B: Nothing. White woman in wash room is about it and even then ... some chicks would just blame the white woman. "She threw it at him! It was a trap!"

A: Dang. That's cold. Is it true though?

B: Dude. Don't make me go down the long history of black men who did something suspect and sisters just looked the other way. R. Kelly.

A: Ouch.

B: Mike Tyson the first two or three times.

A: Kobe. Jesse. Rebb'n Al.

B: Bill Cosby. List goes on.

A: You are right, ya'll are quite the forgiving bunch.

B: We will give a brother fifth and fifteen chances before we go ... damn, maybe he's a lost cause. Re: Mike Tyson.

A: Back to Obama... I get the feeling from folks I talk with that the bloom is off the rose for us, just like the rest of America.

B: Well, that was bound to happen. Reality had to set in at some point. Expectations were so high.

A: I think the Skip Gates "stupidly" retraction gave a lot of folks pause.

B: Oh yeah. That's when it dawned on folks that he wasn't like Jesse N' Al. He's beholding to all of the electorate. He just can't say what he would say if he was an activist or senator.

A: Like, "why'd he have to apologize"? He finally kept it real for once, then reeled it back in. We know he can't be vocal on issues of race, but that was sorta puzzling.

B: I didn't think he should have apologized. I mean, he meant what he said. No one really doubts that. He thought that cop was dumb.

A: Do you think his inevitable "post-Presidency" tell-all is going to keep it real, or is he gonna still be on some "non-threatening black guy" tip?

B: Well, being an ex-president is very liberating. Look at Jimmy Carter. Dude just says whatever now. He's my favorite crazy old man president. I think Obama might loosen up when he doesn't have to worry about being voted out anymore.

A: Yeah, he's also about 98 years old. That "don't give a dang" instinct doesn't kick in till about age 75. Obama will be 50 something when he's all done. That's a lot of non-threatening black guy" life left to live.

B: Look what being unemployed did for Al Gore.

A: Yeah, Bush did. Katrina anyone?

B: But Al grew a mountain beard and came back all "GLOBAL WARMING IS REAL, BITCHES!"

A: Is "The Michelle Effect" wearing off on black women?

B: No. And it never will. Michelle would have to commit some major foul. And I don't even know what that would be.

A: Is this the whole "live vicariously through another successful person" thing? You know, sort like how 95% of black males live vicariously thru Jay-Z.

B: Exactly. Most of my readers love Michelle more than Barack. Hell, I LOVE MICHELLE more than Barack. People dog Barack and I'm like, that comes with the job. Dog Michelle and I'm all "I will CUT YOU."

A: Exactly.

Topic #2 - Black TV in Post-Racial America.

A: With the exception of Fox's "Brothers", we ain't exactly on network TV no more. Is the era of "all black" casts over?

B: I think as long as the TV market is tougher to break into and networks are scared to take risks ... um yeah. I mean, they killed Chris Rock's show. And Chris Rock is supposed to be somebody.

A: Everybody Hates Chris was great. Seriously. It was clever, funny, and family friendly. Bernie Mac show was in similar vein. Does it even matter anymore if all the "all black" shows are full of shuckin' & jivin' anyway?

B: It bothers me that stuff like "Meet The Browns" even exists, but somebody likes it. I tried to watch "House of Payne" once. I had to turn it off because I didn't want to see G-Money that way. I used to lurve him.

A: Who actually watches them Tyler Perry shows?

B: Lots of people who aren't us love them.

A: They supposedly have good ratings, but so does The Bill Engval show. What does that say about America?

B: America is simple as Mac N Cheese? Stop thinking and eat your bowl of cholesterol!

A: The shows just aren't even remotely funny. EVER. I coudn't make it to the first commerical break. I tried. For research purposes of course.

B: Seriously though. Allen Payne. He used to be somebody in Blackland. He starred in Jason's Lyric. I can't watch. It hurts too bad.

A: Yeah, but doing a TP show is better that working at UPS. Child support ain't NO JOKE.

B: Tyler Perry is keeping a lot of my fav black actors from starving to death.

A: Have you see The Cleveland Show?

B: I haven't seen The Cleveland Show yet.

A: Lots of folks are up in arms over what they feel are stereotyical characters.

B: I thought it was interesting that you have a black show where the lead character is voiced by a white actor. Or a black cartoon at least.

A: Dude, it's just a friggin' cartoon. And yeah, it's funny.

B: I don't know what people expected. It was made by the folks behind Family Guy. That's like expecting South Park to be endorsed by the Vatican.

A: The lead character voiced by a white dude is supposedly a carryover from The Family Guy, which I never watched. But all the supporting characters (ie: Sanaa Lathan as his wife) are black. I guess it's as close to a Black sitcom as we have left.

B: I love how my father pretends to hate Family Guy, but will watch a show from beginning to end. The whole time shouting "This is SICK!" but won't look away.

A: He he. I feel the same way about The Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

B: Another show I can't watch. HOW IS THAT A SHOW?!?!?! It's a bunch of broads sitting around talking about nothing. I thought that was what The View was for?

A: It's simple "turn off your brain" entertainment. It isn't setting black women back anymore than black women are already setting themselves back on their own. Seriously, if you overthink this stuff...

B: I just think it's dull.

A:'s just entertainment. TP isn't entertaining. NeNe is. That's the difference. How about The Mo'Nique Show on BET?

B: I still haven't seen it. I'm among the many people who pretends there is no BET on my television. What BET? I can't see it if it's not there!

A: BE who?!? It's just as terrible as you might imagine. I couldn't make it past her opening monologue. She is so loud and obnoxious. You can put the TV on mute and still hear her.

B: I will never forgive her for The Parkers. That was her UPN show, right? The one with her mini me?

A: The Porkers was just AWFUL! Again, I can deal with "stereotypical Negro behavior", just be funny in the process, please.

B: I was insulted that as a big woman she would make a show where she would harbor an irrational love of a man who did not want her.

A: Yeah, it was sorta demeaning wasn't it?

B: It was beyond demeaning. Even Thelma got the reverend in the end on "Amen."

A: Amen to that.

Topic #3 -- Is Covert Racism better than Overt Racism?

B: Is being from a different country, and white, ever an appropriate excuse to not understand racism? Have you seen the video where Harry Connick Jr. is horrified over the dudes performing in blackface? He's in Australia.

A: Yeah, but I hear racism in Australia's a lot more "out there". You know, out in the open, less covert.

B: So it's still 1965 down under?

A: Yeah, you got the Aborigines and all their assorted issues. You'd think the Aussies would be more aware of this stuff, but I guess they just don't care.

B: Overt racism has it's merits as in you know how someone feels from jack. But I'm kind of SICK of the overt racism that's become du jour with the advent of the Obama Administration.

A: Yeah, but do you REALLY wanna be confronted with that EVERYTIME you leave the house? Sometimes it's best to just assume good things about people till they prove you wrong.

B: No. I'm glad I didn't have to grow up hearing how I'm a NIGRA every five minutes. I'm like, "Genie, GET BACK IN THE BOTTLE!"

A: How much would you get done each day if you had to hear someone say "We don't accept check cards, you N-Word!" when you went to the grocery store? That would be a bit much, no?

B: It's amazing that of our parents generation fewer of them just didn't lose it.

A: Again, it's a LOT less stressful not knowing. To me at least.

B: I mean, you'd think there would be a lot of Colin Fergusons running around. Shooting up trains.

A: Indeed. I couldn't imagine living through the stuff my granddaddy did. So, you prefer yours more "in your face"?!?

B: I prefer the politeness. I mean, hate me in the privacy of your own home. And at the voting booth.

A: Ditto. Life is hard enough as is without constant oppression.

B: I don't want to hear a bunch of "coon" this and "jungle bunny" that.

A: No, we're postracial now. Folks don't do that.

B: Post-racial is the most annoying term to come out of election 2008. That and this thing called "Sarah Palin."

A: The thing is, post-racialism was a media construct.

B: So was Sarah Palin.

A: Speakin' of which...

Topic #4 -- Levi Johnston Posing for PlayGirl? What's up with that?

A: Dang. Speaking of which, Levi ... this bama is now posing for "Playgirl".

B: I LOVE HIM NOW! He's my new "Effie White" even though he's not a woman.

A: Is that even a real "magazine?" I always assumed it was some joke. Does it really exist?

B: They're online now. The print mag actually folded this year.

A: Is this for women or "men?" Just curious of course.

B: They claim to be for "women," but I'm suspect of any woman who buys a male skin rag.

A: Yeah, women can get it just for asking. I don't see why a mag is needed. (Johnston) is doing everything in his power to ensure that she will never run for Prez.

B: And I cheer him for it! Have you seen his commercial?

A: What commercial?

B: The one with his manager Tank Jones in it as his bodyguard? He's eating a pistachio and the announcer says, "Now Levi Johnston does it with protection!" It's a commercial for ... wait for it ... nuts.

A: Aww, that was SO cheesy. Huh? Nuts? Protection? WTH!?!? Is this a family made for Jerry Springer or is it just me?

B: I could read about Levi and his family drama all day long. I keep wondering when the reality show is coming out.

A: Wow, do you sorta feel for the Palin family? this guy's a real douchebag

B: Not really. Maybe for Bristol because she's kind of a pawn in all this. Everyone else though ... not so much.

A: Ditto. Except for the babies, eff' em all.

Topic #5 -- Kanye: Egomaniac or object of your pity?

A: Egomaniac. I'm sorry, there is NO LOGICAL DEFENSE for the Taylor Swift thing.

B: He was drunk!

A: At what point does he start losing fans for this?

B: I don't know. He is a black dude, right? Sistas die harder than Bruce Willis.

A: So, if he makes another "808's and Heartbreaks" is all forgiven?

B: I think if he continues to make good music there will always be those who will look the other way and go "oh, that's just Ye." I mean. R. Kelly PEED on someone. I can't emphasize that enough.

A: Yeah. I'll tell you what though, I suppose I'm the only dude in America who finds that Amber Rose incredibly annoying.

B: I love Amber. She rocks a baldy. I can't hate on a bald chick.

A: Meh. Does nothing for me. Sorry. Not that you asked of course.

B: Although she lost like 50 cool points for posing with Coco, Ice-T's woman, the other day. No one should ever be caught dead near Coco. She's like a cool points Death Star.

A: I hope they sent the cameras out for disinfecting afterward. Those two chicks prolly got a new strain of STDs that the CDC ain't even discovered yet. Just sayin'.

B: I think Kanye needs help. Badly. Like psychotherapy. And needs to put the damn bottle down. And needs to grow a pair. But again, black folks are very forgiving. I heard every defense possible of the Taylor Swift thing.

A: None of those scenarios is very likely. Think about it, before he started acting like an ass, he was just an unassuming beatmaker who most folks thought couldn't rap. Fame is addictive. Long as folks pay attention, he acts as ass. That's how it works.

B: Now he's the new Michael Jesus Jackson or something. In his own mind.
A: Cause lets face it, few things are sadder than seeing a person who was once famous, now unfamous.

B: Yeah. Famous people don't like being unfamous. It really makes them sad.

A: My brother and I saw Father MC driving a cab once in Atlanta. Uh oh, did I just date myself?

B: I once saw Tone Loc fly Southwest.

A: Heh, I saw John Edwards flying Southwest. Don't hate on Southwest. I got the Rapid Rewards card in my wallet.

Question: Is black support for Obama eroding? Do you prefer your racism overt or covert? Any good black TV shows out there? Does Kanye need meds? Do you also find Amber Rose really annoying? Is Levi Johnston the black sheep of that family?

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