Thursday, October 1, 2009

3 Play Thursday - E40.

3 Play Thursday again. Today: Yay Area rapper E40.

Yeah, I know it's not really politically correct, or socially acceptable to like occasionally misogynistic rappers, but at least 40 Water is somewhat clever with his. The true originator of all that "izzle", "eeezy", "izzie" nonsense that permeates Negro Dialect worldwide, Charlie Hustle is also one of the first artists to flip the rap game to the entrepreneurial game. An underrated trailblazer mostly cause he's from the Left Coast, like him, hate, him, or never heard of him, it's hard to deny dude's contributions to the game, mayne. Plus, he makes pretty interesting videos.

Count the number of celebrity cameos in "U And Dat Booty".[1]

Count the number of celebrity cameos in "Hope I Don't Go Back".[2]

Count the number of celebrity cameos in "Player's Ball".[3]

Question: How many (and who) did you count in each?

[1] RHOA fans, did you see your girl?

[2] Any NFL fan will surely cringe at the 1:49 mark. Jesus, man, have some dignity.

[3] It's truly painful looking at K-Ci in the less-crackish times, and thinking about all the talent these guys smoked away.

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