Thursday, October 15, 2009

4 Play Thursday - Ignance Personified.

When properly done, music can uplift the soul, stir the emotions, and inspire you to greater heights.

We ain't talkin' bout that kinda music today, though. Roll the tape on this special, supersized edition of 3 Play Thursday.

Trey Songz - "LOL Smiley Face"

I once heard rumor that this Trey Songz guy was supposedly a semi-talented artist. Can anyone listen to this nonsense without reaching for a bottle of pills? Even Gucci Mane's trademark brilliant ignance can't save this botched music abortion.

Trey Songz ethering Sandra Rose >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Trey Songz alleged sangin' career.[1]

Three 6 Mafia Ft. Webbie - "Lil Freak (Ugh Ugh Ugh)"

I am officially ashamed to admit that I have this song on my iPod. I am even more ashamed that I sorta like it. No shots fired, Memphis. I loved Beale Street.

DJ Solo - "Chicken Waang"

As if cRap music already hasn't reached it's quota of poultry-related songs and dances, here's the latest in Negro Nonsense from the Windy City. What in the "Ms. Peaches" is this ignance? Do these fools not realize they're doing textbook shuckin' and jivin' here? No wonder Chicago stays losin'. And I thought Derrion Albert Obama ruined the Olympics bid all this time. I bet the IOC got a load of this video and thought "ya' know, Rio ain't safe either, but at least there's no chicken-related jiggin' there". Rio, FTW. Chi-Town, FTL. Black folks, FTL.

When some Negro inevitably comes out with "Eat That WaddaMillin"[2], I am moving to Ontario.

Reno Coleyon - "Cotton Candy Coochie"

Jesus, as if cheesy food inspired songs and autotune weren't bad enough separately, this non-talent bum decided to combine the two. Peanut Butter and Chocolate they are not. And talented, "Reno Coleyon" is not.

Question: Got any other notably ignant songs you wanna pass along?

[1] Seriously, this Necole Bitchie/Sandra Rose/Trey Songz cyber-battle has been entertaining as all get out. Get these folks a BET reality show, pronto!

[2] I can already hear it, and see the obligatory accompanying dance now. The hook would go, "Now spiiiiiiit the seeeeeds, spiiiiiit the seeeeeedsss, spiiiiiit the seeeeeedsss, spiiiiiit the seeeeeedsss!"

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