Friday, September 25, 2009

What Would You Do?!? - Let Her Win Or Not?!?

With two young kids at home, the concept of free time is a thing of the past. But every now and then, when the boys are squared away, AverageSis and I break out the Wii, and like most folks, we prefer Wii Sports.

My wife isn't much of a gamer, so "us playing Wii" typically consists of me trying to explain the controls of some game to her, her getting frustrated and wanting to quit, and eventually us shutting the game off. Thankfully, a few months back, she discovered she was really good at Wii Bowling, and next thing you know, she's beating me (not that I play much either) on the regular.

Prideful man that I am, I can't just get my butt whipped without trying to improve. So, I went online, and found out that there was a actually a technique to how you hold the controller when you swing that more or less guarantees (shocker) a strike each and every time if done right. And now, of course I'm back to beating her with regularity (I bowled a 195!) and she doesn't really want to play anymore.

So here's the problem: I actually enjoy playing Wii with my wife (the kids ain't old enough yet), but since the games aren't really competitive anymore, it's hard to keep her interested in playing. And now I'm wondering if I should just take one for the team and start letting her win, just because.

What do ya'll think?!?

[Ironic Editor's Update: I wrote this post Thursday morning. Last night, in the name of further research, I suggested we play again. I sorta kinda forgot that Wii is smart enough to make itself more difficult once it tracks your tendencies. Long story short, she absolutely destroys me in three straight games, then I magically win the 4th. So I ask her, "are you letting me win?" and she just smiled. See why I married this woman?]

Question: What Would You Do? Is it ever okay to let someone win?

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