Monday, September 7, 2009

A Very Barry Weekend

So, a guy takes a 3 day weekend away with his wife, and all sorts of Obama-related nonsense breaks out. Since I'm trying to get back into the swing of things on the Day Job, I'll recap briefly.

Van Jones, Meet The Bottom Of The Greyhound - Let's keep it honest: there's no defending some of the Negro Nonsense soundbytes that Jones put out there. In fact, there's really no defending the fact that Jones had the Green Jobs Special Advisor[1] gig in the first place.

Since we're clearly doing some purging of the ranks, let me suggest the next head to meet the gallows: Valerie Jarrett. It's her job to properly vet candidates for these positions (they are allowed to circumvent te usual confirmation process) and she's clearly too busy doing spreads for Vogue to be bothered with the nuisance of her Day Job. See what happens when you hire your buddies, rather than actual, real, qualified folks? And yeah, I'm well aware that I was the main Negro complaining about there not being enough Black faces in the Obama Administration. I guess I've learned my own lesson from all this. I suppose Glenn Beck actually won this time, which is scary on many levels.[2]

Obama Doesn't Want To Turn Your Kids Into Cossaks - Sooo, the Obama Administration gives in (notice a pattern here?) to the winguts yet again, and decides to release the much maligned speech a day early, just to make right wingers look like the crazed pack of hyenas they are. Seriously, what did ya'll expect? It's innocuous, mundane, color-by-numbers "inspirational" blather for ages 5-18. It wasn't written by Jeremiah Wright.

You'd think this would quell the dissent, but listening to talk radio today, I heard dozens of callers still saying they'll keep their kids at home because the speech had "activist" language like "curing AIDS and world hunger". Even more folks suggested their real concern all along wasn't Obama, but "unionized teachers" who'll use the occasion to spread their liberal viewpoints to impressionable youngsters. I can not make this stuff up.[3]

D-Day For Obama Admin Is Tomorrow - I'm gonna go ahead and put it on record: I am expecting Obama to be definitive in tomorrow night's speech. I don't want soaring rhetoric, I don't want a bunch of crap about "building a bipartisan consensus", I don't want more pointless platitudes. I want to hear a man with a plan.

Whether or not that plan includes a public option is a wash to me at this point. Just have a freakin' plan, and articulate it. It's really that simple. And if Obama can't do that, then he no longer has my support (for now at least) as President. Period. I'll run our quarterly "AverageNation™ Obama Approval Rating Poll" later this week, just to see what ya'll think.

Question: Did Van Jones need to kick rocks? Who deserves this blame for this debacle? Does Valerie Jarrett need to be shipped back to Chi-Town? Do parents who still hold their kids out of school today deserve a visit from CPS? What do you need to hear from Obama in tomorrow night's big speech?

[1] Sorry, I am not calling anyone a freakin' Czar. Enough with the hyperbole. Anyone with a cursory knowledge of how to use Google can tell you these folks have very little unchecked power. But of course, the term "czar" fits nicely with the whole "socialist/communist" language of Obama detractors, so who's counting?

[1] So, since wingnuttery is now officially grounds for expulsion from public service, does this mean every GOP operative and candidate who supports the "birthers" movement needs to also resign? Just curious?

[3]How ironic is it that the Florida GOP leader who started this whole nonsense is actually sending his own kids to school to hear the speech today?

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