Friday, September 25, 2009

Pre-NoBama Week Video Purge.

The Inaugural NoBama Week™ begins Sunday. It's exactly what it sounds like, 7 days, no Barry. I'm even instituting a "swear jar" type thing that will pay the first person who catches me slipping. In the meantime, here's some parting shots. Hey, I gotta run this stuff sometime.

DC Tea Partiers Tell It Like It Is. Whatever The Heck "IT" Is.

Why do I get the impression that just like The Jena Six, many of these folks just got caught up in the media hoopla and have no freakin' idea what they're actually protesting. One dude (the one mocking crucifixion at 2:04 mark) even admits he just wanted an excuse to visit DC for the first time. Guy at 2:55 supports Joe Wilson for Prez, until given an inconvenient fact. The couple at 3:48 think it's okay to mock Ted Kennedy's death. Kid at 4:32 mark thinks "most of the country has already been destroyed. Guy at 4:48 says "Obama = Antichrist" is in the bible. Porty chick at 5:15 plays the "save the country for my Grandchildren" line. Woman at 5:45 mark still believes the "civilian armed forces" urban legend. I would keep going, but the f*ckery is so extensive, and I've got better things to do. And to think, these "real Americans" are the folks punking Obama and Co. into not pushing healthcare legislation.

Sadly, I can listen to these folks, and definitively state that no fewer than half of them are from my home state of NC. And that's just lovely.

Black FAMU Professor Ethers Bill O'Reilly

Man, this guy just out thinks and overtalks Bill O. In rap parlance, this is often referred to as "getting murdered on your own sh*t". After that embarrassing Cam'ron/Dame Dash debacle, you'd think Bill O would have learned by now, "don't let guests get out of hand". Dr. Jeremy Levitt, you sir, are da' man.

Glenn Beck Boils A Frog On Live TV

Glenn Beck boiling fake frogs to prove a fake point = lame.

Glenn Beck jumping in boiling water to prove a fake point = Tivo-worthy.

Ya'll let me know when that one's scheduled.

Obama Indoctrination Video?!?

The GOP is using this video as proof of Obama's plan to indoctrinate American schoolkids. As much as it makes me cringe to hear any remotely partisan speech in public schools, some context is necessary: this was part of a Black History Month celebration, so it sorta kinda makes sense. But why let sense get in the way of a good GOP fundraising scheme bit of fear mongering?!?

Roy Blunt Calls Obama A Monkey?!?

This isn't "racist". Sorry. It's a very lame analogy, and little more. Next.

Question: Comments? Observations? Do you think I can make it through a whole week without using the word "Obama"?

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