Monday, September 28, 2009

It's Hoops Time.

Why kid myself? I tried to get into the NFL this season, but it's just Week 3 and the Skins are already out of playoff contention, plus my Fantasy team is already toast.[1] So you know what that means... NBA Training Camp is open. Media Day was yesterday. And Jesus smiled.

I already did my NBA Season Preview about 2 months ago (yeah, I was pressed), and went in depth on all the big name players changing places in the offseason. Shaq's a Cav. VC's a "Magic". Ron-Ron's a Laker. Lamar Odom's an idiot. Enough SuperTeam talk.

I suppose since I publicly threw my local NBA team under the bus last year[2], it's only poetic that I re-announce my fandom to the Washington Wizards. They made some nice offseason moves, but pretty much everything rides on the creaky, thrice-operated upon knee of quirky, once mercurial point guard, the $116M cap hold known as Gilbert Arenas. If Gil comes back 100%, the team wins 50 games, easy. He's just that good (albeit flawed) and entertaining a player.

If he doesn't, well, get The John Wall Lottery Ticker going.

That said, a few more not-so-bold predictions.

NBA Champion : San Antonio Spurs - Sorry Laker fans, but while everyone was gushing over the Cavs getting Shaq, and all the other offseason moves, the Spurs reloaded with established vets and not have the depth to compete in the West.

MVP : Tim Duncan - This obviously ties to the above point.

Rookie Of The Year : Jonny Flynn - I know the T-Wolves have about thismuch talent on their roster, and a front office that gets robbed everytime they make a transaction. But Flynn is good enough to put up really nice stats on a bad team. Sometimes that's enough to win RoY. See Also: Stoudamire, Damon.

Rookie Bust : Hasheem Thabeet - I mean, come on. Given all the ballhogs in Memphis, how likely is it this guy gets more than 3 touches a game? Can you say Dsagana Diop 09'?!?

Biggest Disappointment : Cavs - The Shaq/Bron duo sounds good on paper, but has anyone else noticed how badly Shaq's most recent stops have ended? I don't see this being any different.

Biggest Surprise : Hawks - Seriously, I know the Hawks are about as popular in ATL as those Real Housewvives are classy (which is to say, not very much), but they've made some nice pickups in the offseason, and managed to resign all their free agents. I see a trip to the lEastern Conference Finals for these guys. Too bad there won't be more than a few dozen folks in Phillips Arena to witness it.

Question: Got any bold NBA predictions of your own?!?

[1] Thanks for nothing Brian Westbrook and Randy Moss. Seriously. Thanks.

[2] The photo caption on that post still tickles me, and I wrote it. Seriously, go look at it. I amaze myself sometimes.

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