Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Cheaper To Keep Her.

Yeah, I know, I should be waay beyond petty celebrity gossip, but dang it, this confuses me to no end.
Hip-hop stars Kelis and Nas have reportedly reconciled.

The couple – who split in April while the ‘Milkshake’ star was pregnant with their first child, Knight, who is now two months old – fuelled rumours of a reunion when they attended a party together at New York’s Marquee club on Monday, and were seen kissing inside.

A source said: “Nas and Kelis were celebrating his birthday with some friends and you couldn’t tell they were divorcing to look at them. They seemed very intimate and were kissing and hugging and even left together.”

The couple have remained tight-lipped over their possible reunion, but last week Kelis, 30, hinted at a newfound happiness.

She wrote on her Twitter page: “I'm in a great mood today down right giddy idunno why but its good!”

Kelis and Nas’ loved-up behaviour this week is a far cry from their public battles since the ‘Trick Me’ singer filed for divorce in April citing irreconcilable differences. It is believed she became tired of Nas' verbal abuse and alleged infidelity.

Shortly after Knight was born, a court ordered Nas to pay his estranged spouse $30,471 (€20,721) spousal support a month, and also provide his son with $9,027 (€6,138).

Nas also had to pay $45,000 (€30,600) for Kelis' legal fees and for a forensic accountant.

Another hearing is set to take place this month to review the arrangements.
Look, I'm certainly not one to butt into other folks relationships. But doggonit, how can two folks have such animosity for each other one moment, then be back together the next?

I guess it's all about Nas saving himself from certain financial ruin the child.

Question: Should the formulas for child and spousal support be revamped in a fashion that's more fair to fathers, or is it indeed cheaper to just keep it in your pants keep her?

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