Monday, September 14, 2009

Good Songs - Teenaged Slow Jams.

We were all young once, some of us more recently than others. And despite all the talk about "age ain't nothin' but a number", everyone has teenaged memories of puppy love and dry humpin' on the basement couch middle school dances. So, on that note, I present to you, a handful of notable, if not somewhat forgotten, slow jams made by teenagers.

Hi-Five - "I Like The Way (Kissing Game)"

Was there anyone who lived in the early 90's that didn't both love this song and cringe every freakin' time it was played? The World's Most Accurate Encyclopedia says this song only spent 2 weeks atop the Billboard R&B chart, but I seem to remember it playing every 5 friggin' minutes on the sole radio station we had in the Triangle Urreah.

Hi-Five did have some other hits, but never quite lived up to their inevitable comparisons to New Edition. Sadly, lead singer Tony Thompson died a couple of years ago from "accidentally overdosing on freon". I have no idea what that means, but sorry for ending on such a tragic note. Uhhh, moving right along...

Jason Weaver - "Love Ambition (Call On Me)"

Jason Weaver is probably best known for his side role in Drumline or as the mouthy older brother on the long-since-defunct sitcom The Smart Guy. But how many folks remember this semi-decent song from his short lived music career?

Believe it or not, I actually own this CD. I think I dug it up in a $2 bin at a used record store (anyone remember these?), and true to form, it was pure a$$, but at least "Love Ambition" was okay. And for those of you wondering what a middle school-aged AB looked like, there you have it. My Mom still bugs me about this doppelganger everytime BET reruns ATL for the 903rd time.

Tyrese - "Sweet Lady"

Yeah, I know. Tyrese prolly wasn't a teen when this came out, and neither was I. I guess I just wanted to run this video because of the featured teen vixen and the many drug/mental problems she's recently made news for.

Call me crazy (or not), but was there any badder chick on TV in the mid-90's than In The House's Maia Campbell? If it's possible to have a (youngish) grown man crush, then she would have been it for me. Which makes the recent viral videos (and some of those photos you could likely Google if so inclinded. And I hope you aren't.) all the sadder. We're prayin' for your Tiffany. Get some help.

Also Considered: Tracie Spencer - "Tender Kisses", Subway ft 702 - "This Game We Play", Aaliyah - "At Your Best".

Question: Got any notable teenaged slow jams you wanna share? Note: by "teenaged", I mean slow jams MADE BY TEENAGERS, not just random songs you liked that came out while YOU were a teen. There is a difference.

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