Thursday, September 10, 2009

Barry's Speech: The In Depth Analysis.

I caught last night's speech. Here's my observations.

Barry's Finest Moment - I said it on Twitter, and I'll say it here. The guy that I voted for, took days off work to volunteer for, and donated money to, finally showed up last night. It was about time.

Obama was pointed, yet gave concessions. He didn't mince words and for the most part was very clear about where he stood. He denounced the outright distortions of many on the right (and left), but did so in a way that didn't insult the many "real Americans" who have legitimate beef with some of what's been proposed. He even used the term "I'll call you out" to put m*thaf*****s in check. Quite simply, he (finally) looked like the President for a change.

Concessions - Yeah, he ultimately stuck to his guns on the public option, but made it clear that it was a last resort, rather than Plan A. He reached across the aisle to explore the ideas of tax credits, McCain's intermediate solution for the uninsured, and perhaps most disappointingly, tort reform.

I'm Not Crazy About Tort Reform - Yeah, there are "junk lawsuits". Sure, this scares some doctors into practicing defensive medicine. But you know what's more effed up than some doctor being sued? A family that loses its primary breadwinner at a young age and suddenly finds its compensation capped at $250k, which is what some in the Bush Administration were suggesting years ago. Sorry, but I am emphatically not with this idea. And don't get it twisted, standard, legitimate "the doctor effed' up, the family deserves fair compensation" lawsuits are faaaar more prevalent than the frivolous variety. If you want to reform anything in this area, reduce the statutory maximum one-third that attorneys typically garner from such judgements significantly (say, 1/8th instead). That alone would drive a bunch of lawyers who chase the easy (and unethical) dollar elsewhere. But tossing out the baby with the bathwater? Just silly. On this account, by merely suggesting that he'll cave in, Barry failed.

Joe Wilson Is An A-Hole. And Toast. - Seriously, what was this guy thinking? I know that folks on both sides of the aisle can act like some real a-holes when being addressed by the President. Let the record show that Dems often sat on their hands as the GOP applauded George Bush, just last year. But the level of disrespect shown to the President last night was unheard of. Jeering. Holding up handmade signs. Talking out of turn. Waving copies of the current bill. Texting. Checking US Open scores on your Blackberry? All that sh*t is waaay out of pocket. But when SC Congressman Joe Wilson yelled out "You Lie!" to the President, during a speech being televised nationwide, it sank the level of discourse to new depths.

Where does this idiot think he is? Showtime at The Apollo? At least the jerkwad was smart enough to apologize immediately after the cameras went off. I hope Palmetto State voters aren't so forgiving next Fall.

The Aftermath?!? - Well, Obama cold have absolutely sh*tted on the GOP and jammed his own bill through, but he took the politically calculated route of giving them a handful of their desired concessions. Spin it any way you want, but that will be the lasting message many Americans take away from last night. The Republicans can now go back to complaining about not being heard, but early polling is any indication, most Americans liked the way Obama's plan was presented. So, the GOP can either roll with what's been proposed (yeah right), or simply do as they're already doing and propose "starting all over", which is essentially code for "we don't wanna do sh*t". It doesn't really matter either way. An unbiased mind would look at last night's speech and surmise that something needs to be done. And need I remind you, unbiased minds (ie: Independents) are the folks who decide elections. Not TeaBaggers.

My Prediction - Obama gets the votes he wants, gives some reasonable concessions to the Republicans, and the bills gets passed before Thanksgiving.

Question: What did you think? Did Obama go hard, or did he concede too much? Was the Kennedy stuff at the end over-the-top? Is there a job for Joe Wilson at the Sizzler in Orangeburg, and if so, will it offer him affordable healthcare or will he actually need the public option?

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