Saturday, August 15, 2009

You Know It's Time To Retire When... get facialed by a 19 year old phenom. Jerry Stackhouse, meet John Wall. Gentlemen, meet YouTube, the 09' version of those posters errybody used to have on their dorm room walls.

Goodman League is nice, but mannnn, do I miss spending Summer nights with my Pops at NC Pro-Am.

Wall, if case you missed the update, is headed to Kentucky for his one-year internship before becoming the #1 overall pick in next Summer's draft. A combination of Allen Iverson and Baron Davis, this guy is definitely putting NC prep ballers back on the map.

Stackhouse? Uhhh, since he just got traded and cut, and blew a much-hyped workout with the Knicks, he is prolly headed to the glue factory Europe, where his name is still worthy of a decent payday. Consider this the official passing of the torch, from NC legend to another.

Question: Is that the nastiest flush you've seen in awhile, or is it just me? What was Stackhouse thinking?

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