Friday, August 14, 2009

What Is This Song Really About?!? [The Remix]

Okay AverageNation™, I have some more homework for ya'll. A few musical questions have tormented me over the years, and I'm calling on each and every one of you to relieve me from my misery by explaining some things that I just can't figure out on my own. Sure, I could Google this, but that's the point of having a blog, no?

Anyways, here we go. I apologize to anyone not familiar with any of the songs listed... okay, actually, I don't apologize. Roll the film.

What The Heck Is the Hook In "Electric Relaxation" Saying? - Just like the rest of ya'll, I love this song and prolly listened to it 4,080 times/day when Midnight Marauders dropped. But for the life of me, I still cannot figure out what Tip is saying on the hook. Anyone know?

Who Is Tom, And Why Do We Care About His Diner? - Simply put, what in the ham sammich is this song about? There's milk. There's a diner. There's coffee. There's a lot of "dooo, dooo, dooo, dooo"'s. There's a prostitute. There is no logic. Explain. BTW, if you can name the femmecee who ripped this sample loop for loop and flipped it into an anti-molestation anthem in 1990, you my friend, get extra Cyber CapriSuns™.

A Piece Of My Love, Or Subliminal Diss? - Simply put, does Aaron Hall say "dumb b*tch" in the middle of this love ballad, or could millions of lunchroom debaters be wrong? The lyric in question is mumbled under his breath during the chorus, right around the 1:10 mark. Hmmmm, wonder who he might be talking about. Double bonus if you can name Hall's somewhat (in)famous baby mama. Triple bonus if you can name the guy who swaggerjacked stole his whole steez and career around 1993? Quadruple bonus if you can tell me which Sizzler Damion Hall is currently employed at, and what he does there.

"Come Inside": Double Entendre Or Innocent Lyric? - I know Intro's career lasted thislong, but they still left a great musical mystery. Are these guys simply asking a woman for the keys to her heart, or asking "can I just put the tip in, raw dog"? For full context, here's the original...

...and the obligatory, yet vastly inferior remix.

Question: Got answers to any of the dozens of questions above?

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