Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The TownHalls Reach A New Low.

Anti-Semitism is what's hot in the streets right now. You ain't know?

Exhibit A - Barney Frank slams some chick who refers to Obama as a Nazi.

Of course, the alternate universe that is Fox News reported a completely different story.

Exhibit B - A Jewish man who supports the HC plan is pelted with a "Heil Hitler".[1] I don't advocate hitting women, but I think this guy just might have gotten a pass in this situation.

The "Heil Hitler Hater" speaks.

Uh, BTW lady, illegal aliens are not going to be covered under any proposal drafted thus far. Spend a bit more time reading something other than Michelle Malkin, and a lot less time pelting folks with racial slurs and you might know this. Idiot.

Exhibit C - A misguided young woman who makes me sad to admit that I'm also from the Tarheel state.

Question: I said it before, I'll say it again. Electing Obama was the worst thing to happen to US race relations in 40 years. Agree or disagree?

[1] BTW, what is up with that sangin'/dancin' Negro in the white-tee around the :14 mark?

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