Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A TownHall Turns Ugly.

I might be going to my Congressperson's townhall tomorrow night just on GP. Who knows what sorta material I might bring back. But if it's anything like this recent townhall in Missouri, I might need to bring AverageSecurity™ along with me. Sh*t could get hectic.

Note: The sister is holding up a Rosa Parks-themed poster for the reporter, and this jackass hauls off, snatches the poster, and seems to grab her in the process. Cops swarm in and remove them both.

The aftermath. The woman was supposedly ejected for holding up the poster, although she only did so because she was asked by a member of the press.

So lemme see if I've got this right: bringing a f*cking gun to a townhall, only to have it fall out of the holster onto the floor is "exercising your 2nd amendment rights", but having some asshole assault you over a poster he doesn't like is somehow offensive enough to warrant ejection? Uhhmmm, yeah, that adds up. It's also funny how Kenneth Gladney was all over the news Monday, yet this woman, who was holding up a photo of Rosa Freakin' Parks is barely warranting a blip on the Google News radar. Librul media bias my a$$.

As much as it pains me to say it, I gotta say it: the election of Obama as President is probably the worst thing to happen to American race relations since the 60's. And that's the truth, Ruth.

Question: Is Obama's election bringing the uneasy aspects of American race relations to the forefront more than helping? Did the sister deserve to be ejected from the townhall for expressing her freedom of speech? Should I go to my local townhall tomorrow?

Angry white man snatches 'Rosa Parks' sign from black woman at town hall meeting [DailyVoice]

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