Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shoulda Voted For Kwesi.

Here's some rowdy video from my US Senator's townhall last night just outside B'More. Too bad the MD Democratic Party railroaded former NAACP Chair Kwesi Mfume in favor of this Ben Cardin character, who is far too milquetoast[1] for my tastes. I didn't vote for his opponent (the diabolical Michael Steele) either, but I think even he would have done a better job of keeping these fools in check.

Obligatory "Obama is eeeeviiiillll" protesters.

Footage from a similar townhall weeks ago. I'm so glad I didn't know these things were scheduled. What a waste of 3 hours I'd never get back.

On 2nd thought, maybe I should go to the next one, disguised as an Obama hater. Chances are I'd get an appearance on Fox News for my trouble. Hell, I might even catch a faux beatdown and make some money out the deal. It would prove my "Black Republican = TV Exposure" theory for once and for all. Seems to be working for Mr. Gladney.

Question: Have you been to your local Senate/Congressional town hall? What was it like?

[1] Not to mention that fact that he hasn't done jack sh*t since elected 3+ years ago. At least Steele would have been interesting. This guy...

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