Monday, August 3, 2009

The Public Meltdown Of Starbury.

Folks, what the hell is going on with your boy Stephon Marbury of late? His downward spiral from semi-talented Knicks point guard, to unemployed wacko has been swift and sad. From the sexual harassment trial, to falling out with coaches, to his release, his awful stint with Boston, and now, this latest example of why too much technology is a bad thing. I haven't been watching (thank God), but apparently Starbury is doing some weird 24 hour/day live webcast via UStream. For a guy looking for his next gig, I could only imagine that these exploits don't look good. Then again, he made $20M for basically doing nothing last year, soooo...

Steph Eats Vaseline.

Crying Uncontrollably.

The Car Accident.

Someone call the folks at Intervention, and get dude away from the webcam, please!

Question: What's going on with this guy?

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