Thursday, August 13, 2009

Poll Position - Nick Cannon Should Prolly Just Let This One Slide.

The beef is idle for the moment, but I still asked ya'll who you thought would win a one-on-one scuffle should Nick Cannon and Eminem fight for Mariah Carey's honor (or lack thereof). Before I run the final numbers, peep this brief chronology of the dispute.

Eminem talks greasy about Mimi while promoting his latest frisbee release. Nick responds, in the lamest of manners.

Mariah comes out with a somewhat subliminal clapback on her single "Obsessed", which is frankly is the sorta material that should be beneath her at this point in her career, but the sh*t still bangs.

Eminem completely ethers Carey with the waaay outta bounds "Warning", a song that practically begs for a rebuttal of some sort.

So, who'd win? What was the question. The results were somewhat surprising, to me at least.

Sorry folks, but I voted for Nick Cannon for one very simple reason: this is his wife. Period. I don't even know what sorta relationship they have, but Negro Rule #4080 is that nobody says nothin' bad about your wife without catching a two piece. Yeah, this happened prior to their marriage, but still, that's his wife. Simply by being gassed up on the need for some revenge to save face, squeaky clean Cannon is gonna have the upperhand on Eminem, who doesn't really have anything to lose here. Nick might eventually catch a trailerpark beatdown, but my money says he'll land some nice blows, off adrenaline alone. What say you?

Question: Will Nick Cannon grow a pair and retaliate, or is it just best ot let this die down?

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