Thursday, August 27, 2009

More Proof That WSHH Is The Devil's Playground.

Classic Negro Nonsense from The Sunshine State.[1]

I don't know what part of this is the worst.

1) That tweens are scrippin'.

2) That grown men are paying to see tweens scrippin'.

3) That Rosemary don't live here.

4) That grandma justsohappened to have a HO by her door. Who does this?

5) That the news reporter could do this whole thing without laughing hysterically.

Question: What's the worst part of the story above? Is WSHH indeed the Devil's playground?

[1] I mean, seriously, other than Texas or Cali, where else would such nonsense happen?

6 AverageComments™:

Wave said...

The WSHH is wall to wall minstrel show. I'm pretty sure the more of it you watch the more brain cells you will destroy.

Xion said...

The worst part is that it made air...

ebonygentleman said...

It's stuff like that that makes life worth living after a hard day at work.

I can't get enough of it.


Derek said...

A ho next to the door is interesting. When I lived in Norfolk, me and my roommates used to keep a baseball bat next to the door (terrible neighborhood) though so maybe it's not that far fetched.

the uppity negro said...

Well, its evident she wasn't living in a DEE-luxe apartment in the sky, so I'm sure she kept by the door whatever weapon was available.

I'm going to go much deeper with this one than is probably necessary, but who knows what kind of life that lady has lived and I'm sure hearing about her granddaughter being a stripper at 15 wasn't exactly the type of news she wanted to hear about. That being said, she kind of snapped.

I'm sure many folks do it all the time, there's just never a camera crew nearby.

Or maybe she's known as the neighborhood ho-lady.

natural nubian said...

it's stuff like this that make me want to deny my beloved home state. just.....dayum.

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