Monday, August 10, 2009

Kenneth Gladney Demands An Obama Apology!!!

Well, ok, so it's technically Kenneth Gladney's sleazy attorney, but who's keeping score? These guys think allegedly being beaten by another black guy and called the dreaded "N-Word" are grounds enough for a lawsuit, grounds enough for this to be considered a "hate crime:, and grounds enough for a BeerGate II . BTW, how funny is it that "real Americans" who "despise identity politricks" and don't "see race, just people", but can't go 3 seconds without mentioning that Gladney is "a Black". Yeah, I heard that very term on some local radio show today. Who the hell refers to an entire race as "the Blacks" in 2009?

The more I've watched that alleged "fight" video, the more convinced I am that Gladney is pulling a fast one. Seriously, to me it looked like he actually tripped over the alleged assailant, rather than being beaten viciously to a stupor. If you notice, the guy who is being accused of the beating is actually laying on the ground when Gladney just so happens to fall. And yeah, since this dimwit is sans insurance, guess who's footing the bill for his emergency room visit? Lovely.

Smelling blood in the water, America's Favorite Termagant got herself involved. Cause, you know, she's got a new book to peddle and whatnot. The fact that millions of Americans have made Michelle Malkin's newest book #1 on the NY Times bestseller list is proof that reading is hardly fundamental. And BTW, funny how the "elitist NY Times" is just fine when it's validating your work for personal gain. Otherwise, NY Times = Evil Libruls! Makes sense to me too.

Jeez, I wish Gladney, his sleazy lawyer, Malkin, and the merry cast of Douchebags and Friends would all get stranded on some remote island.

Question: How badly was Kenneth Gladney actually hurt?

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