Monday, August 24, 2009

I Need Some Fantasy Football Draft Advice!!!

As ya'll know, I'm no huge NFL fan. Football's little more than a filler between the dog days of Summer and the merciful start of NBA training camp, but that doesn't mean I don't indulge in the great American pasttime of fantasy football. In fact, if there was no fantasy football, I might never even watch football. Oddly, even though I'm only a casual NFL fan, and never played the sport, I always seem to end up in the playoffs (got blown out in last year's SuperBowl, always make the playoffs) of my office/college buddies league. Go figure.[1]

[Admittedly Pointless Editor's Note: I went to my first Redskins game in ages the other night, as AverageBrotherInLaw (the same one with the Inauguration Hookup) got us some incredible seats for the preseason home opener vs The Steelers. It's pretty sad watching half your not-so-full stadium cheering for the opposing team. It's even worse when the few fans of the home team celebrate eking out a pointless preaseason game as if they're hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy. Asked it before, will ask it again, is there a worse major sports city than DC?!?]

Anyways, since I'm signed up for this fantasy thing yet again, I need some help since I haven't really been on my RSS reader grizzly of late and am out of the loop. I'm marginally aware of the big name trades/free agent pickups, but I know little about this year's rookies, so I will need some advice for tomorrow' draft.

Question: Who are this year's fantasy steals? Any big name players injured? Any big name players I should avoid drafting like the Swine Flu? What's your team called?

[1] A snarky comment from Inquisitive Mind is coming in 5...4...3...2...

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