Monday, August 3, 2009

Epic Fall.

So, cRap music's next savior pulls a JoJo and falls out on stage this weekend. Maybe if Drake woulda just sat down and stopped doing those odd limpwristed gyrations, this coulda all been avoided. After the kerfuffle over that BET Awards, that "Breast I Ever Had" video, and now this, something tells me this guy might wanna lay low for a sec. Not that he's got a choice right now.


I call this a JoJo, cause who can forget this classic episode from the annals of Negro Nonsense? Tell me Wayne's response is any better/worse than K-Ci's.


Man, that clip just never gets old.

Question: Is Drake a little bit overrated, or merely a lot overexposed? What sorta drugs was JoJo on that night?

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